Facts About Payroll Service Companies Responsibilities and Compliance

Payroll is an administrative task that you cannot ignore in any company. However, it’s not a requirement to handle this task on your own if there are third party services available. Learn the basic facts to help you find the right payroll service companies. 

Companies Comply with Legal Regulations

Use payroll companies to help your business comply with tax and business laws. These laws change constantly at the local, state and federal levels; however, most business owners are too busy to keep up. Payroll specialists know all about payroll taxes and the laws that they must comply with. Employers who use their services face lower risks of being fined.

Three Main Tasks Are Involved

There are three major services that all payroll companies provide, from entertainment specialists like GreenSlate to academic-centered providers. All companies perform calculations of the employees’ incomes and deductions. The second service involves the management of payroll and accounting records. The third service includes the annual preparations of tax returns. 

Three Types of Providers Exist

There are three types of payroll service companies that exist: payroll service providers (PSPs), reporting agents (RAs) and professional employer organizations (PEOs). 

Payroll service providers help the company to complete and file payroll tax returns. RAs and PEOs perform the same duties, but they do more work and file the returns on their own. To make a selection, some people compare and contrast the three different types of providers.

Some Companies Are Risky

Working with unreliable or inexperienced payroll service companies is a major risk to any business. Some companies receive payroll data from their clients but fail to report the information correctly to the IRS. The IRS considers both the company and the client to be liable for the errors.

Employers are encouraged to work with experienced payroll service companies. These companies are licensed, insured and use the latest technologies to serve their clients. Smaller companies are less likely to have legal protections for their clients and more likely to hire inexperienced payroll professionals. 

Different Choices Are Available

There are different types of packages, prices and features that are offered by different payroll service companies. Some companies have online software programs that you download and use on that site. Other companies have full services that handle every task related to payroll administration. 

Small business owners are more likely to use the self-service products. Large businesses or corporations like the California Film Commission prefer the full services. Research and choose the package that fits your company’s budget and payroll requirements. 

International Companies Are Available

Nowadays, many business owners communicate with clients or employees online without ever seeing them in person. There are many payroll service companies that you can conduct business with solely online. It’s a common trend for many businesspeople to hire reduced-rate payroll companies that are located in different countries.

Payroll duties are simple if you have a handful of employees. In the average business, an accountant or payroll specialist is needed to handle the duties. There are payroll service companies that handle everything from filing tax returns to printing paychecks. Choose the company that offers the right plan for your business ventures.

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