Health-Conscious in Dallas Look Forward to Opening of Second Salubrious

Salubrious Juice & More has 100% organic and natural juices
Salubrious Juice & More is a popular juice bar with trendsetters and the health conscious. The company announces the opening of its second location in Dallas.

By Zoey Thompson

Dallas, TX – The adjective “salubrious” means to be healthy or “health-giving,” something the owner of the popular Frisco establishment are very proud to share with the people of Dallas. Their website explains that “Salubrious is a destination for delicious, nourishing food and all-over well-being.” Each of the menu items was selected to provide a nourishing, healthy alternative to the quick-fix, fast food locations that dot the national food scene. The juice bar-coffee shop provides liquid delights without added sugars, “smoothie bowls”, paninis, and the ever-popular avocado toast. Salubrious stakes its reputation on the quality of its organic, vegan foods and promises to bring the DFW area something it hasn’t yet seen.

“There are many options for food and drink in Dallas,” says founder Ajay Sharma. “If we didn’t think we brought something original and unique to the table we wouldn’t even bother. Salubrious is like nothing they’ve seen before. We’re bringing quality ingredients served in fresh new ways and our pour-over coffee gets rave reviews from our customers.”

Sharma says that the secret to great-tasting, healthy smoothies is to not dilute the taste with ice or added sugars. Patrons get the full effect of the fruits and vegetables being used. Their methods and ingredients have resonated with Frisco area residents. Salubrious has earned top ratings on everything from Yelp to Google.

“We believe in healthy bodies, hearts, and minds,” says Sharma.  “I want all our customers to leave feeling great. That’s why it’s important to me to hear criticism, as well as, praise. I want to be able to address customers’ concerns or suggestions and improve upon the Salubrious experience. We want people to hear our name and think of us as a safe, healthy place to spend some time in.”

Sharma says that his eleven years in the United States Marine Corps taught him about good health and commitment. Even after training his hardest and pushing his body to meet the standards expected by the Marine Corps he didn’t feel as though he was accomplishing his health and physical goals, so he began researching diets for optimal health. After discovering the power in organic vegan diets and use of raw fruits and vegetables, he knew he had to share this knowledge with the world. Today, he is committed to providing customers with the absolute best in ingredients and the most flavorful smoothies in all of Texas. 

The Dallas location offers the same selection of menu items and bottle juice cleanses as the Rolater Road location in Frisco.  

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