The 10th Standard School Dropout Turned Millionaire – The Zero to Hero’s Success Story

In this world where education and degrees rule the entire society, Manan Shah proves to be an inspirational exception. People always have this notion that degrees are the thing that makes you successful and famous but he gladly proved them wrong with his approach to fame. Let’s talk a little bit more about today’s star ethical hacker and a Guinness Book record holder, Manan Shah.

There is no doubt about the fact that education is important for a successful career in life. A proper and impressive degree helps you achieve the heights of success. Otherwise, you will just end up in some mediocre position. Well, there is someone who proved this statement wrong and it is none other than Manan Shah, the young ethical hacker, and entrepreneur who is now extending his services to the Fortune 500 companies. How did that happen

An Introduction to Manan Shah: Young Businessman

Manan Shah, the founder, and CEO of the Avalance Global Solutions which is based in Vadodara is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of the country who is just 23 years of age. Dealing with cyber security, Manan Shah’s company provides various models and security options to some of the biggest companies in the world. Talk about famous and here is Manan Shah, the guy who chose to stay awake for about 7 nights constantly to find a solution to fixing the WanaCrypt Ransomware.

Former High School Dropout Now Makes Millions

Manan Shah dropped out when he was in high school and obviously didn’t have his parents support. In a country like India, it is common that parents will be worried about the future of a high-school dropout. However, it is due to the sheer determination and faith of Manan that he has achieved this much success in his career now.

In school, Manan was never really able to concentrate as the formal education structure didn’t appeal to him. In one of his statement, he said: “I loved being the backbencher.”

Manan Shah was a middle-class family boy from Gujarat who had an interest in the subject of computer science but other subjects seemed to be a bit hard for him. It was after he got his new computer system that he started to expand his knowledge of cyber security, ethical hacking and a lot more.

Manan found his inspiration in Ankit Fadia when he attended his seminar at the Vadodara University in 2009.

It was after his course in ethical hacking that Manan found his true passion and started with this career path. And the rest is history. It was soon when he got his name in the Guinness World Records and the Limca Book of Records. Not just that, he is also known to be one of the top 10 ethical hackers according to Google and Microsoft. With numerous recognitions and awards, Manan Shah continues to be an inspiration.


Manan Shah’s story is one of the most inspirational ones that teach us the importance of dedication and faith. It also tells us that while a degree is really important, it is more important to love what you do. Manan Shah is now the proud owner of his own company Avalance Global solutions and continues to provide services of cyber security for the top companies. 

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