Shanghai Metal Corporation Readies Its Wide Range Of Auto Nail Making Machines With HSS 40Cr Steel

Shanghai Metal Corporation has accumulated comprehensive experience in fabricating various components for shipping containers, metallic products, machinery, and construction industry.

Though almost everybody would agree to the fact that all trade sectors contribute to the GDP of any industrial nation, there is no point denying that some verticals do have a more significant role to play fuelling the economy. To put things into perspective; fabrication and manufacturing, design and engineering, construction, logistics and storage, sourcing and trading, installation and scheduled maintenance, medical and the electrical sector as a whole are acknowledged as being the infrastructure component of any developing and developed economy. A country’s infrastructure does play an instrumental role in the consistent growth of its GDP per capita. Shanghai Metal Corporation, which was incorporated more than three decades ago, has appeared as one of the prime manufacturing enterprises in China. They typically concentrate on producing high quality medical, mechanical, electrical, construction, machinery, shipment and metallic products. Their nail making machine is very much popular among their domestic and international clients.

Shanghai Metal Corporation Readies Its Wide Range Of Auto Nail Making Machines With HSS 40Cr Steel

The automatic steel nail making machine is carved out of (high-speed steel) HSS 40Cr steel alloy of pure quality. The operational cycle of manufacturing nails is necessarily divided into three phases. First, the steel filaments grouped in several coils are fed into a wire drawing apparatus, for producing threads of wires while maintaining consistency. Then, strands of steel are allowed to pass through the nail making a machine, that makes nails and rivets from the strips. Finally, the new coarse nails are ejected from the fabricating device, and a glossy coat is applied on them with the help of the nail polishing machine.

The principal raw material required for manufacturing nails is waste steel, which is comprises of waste rebars, waste electrodes, steel bar scraps, etc. The wire drawing machine is necessarily a wire nail making machine that processes steel waste and produces elongated wires of various diameters, which will be needed to make nails of different sizes and shapes.

Shanghai Metal Corporation had deeply integrated three core work philosophies in their management; namely, service, management, and craftsmanship. Service: by guiding their customers from the production phase to after-sales, the company ensures an everlasting bond with them and also functions as a reliable and trustworthy member of the dynamic global society. Management: their burning desire to continually innovate, reform, and maintain a technical superiority is accompanied by professional ethics; and this has put them in a favorable position to influence the market positively. They are well-known for employing only the latest techniques in the field of design and analysis and nothing, but cutting-edge technologies are used in their projects.

About Shanghai Metal Corporation:

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading and reputed manufacturer in China. They make metals, containers, machinery, construction materials, electrical systems, mechanical products and medical accessories. The business organization was founded in 1980 and had been catering to their global clientele since then.

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