Sichuan Xingwen: The Celebration of Huashan Festival of Miao Ethnic Group with Traditional Dancing

The 2018 China Xingwen Huashan Festival of Miao Ethnic Group was held on April 20th in the morning. It was the highlight event of the cultural tourism week, “Let the world see Hing Wen”. The solemn Huashan Flower Pole ceremony, showed long-history cultural heritage. And the festival also showcased an array of awesome dancing.

Miao Ethnic Group Traditional Costume Parade 

At 8:30 in the morning, the parade team departed from Shihai Square, then Cave Park, the new Miao Village, and arrived the main venue of Huashan Festival at Guangming Xincheng Shimin Square. The Miao ethnic group and the guests celebrated the festival with the joyful music of reed and the grand Miao traditional dance.

The Flower Pole ceremony is the most important and grande ceremonial activity for the Miao Huashan Festival. The leader of the Miao group lit the candles, killed the rooster and led the fellow Miao people to celebrate the ceremony together. This is the traditional custom of Miao. The Flower Pole is meant to be the god to bring blessing to the Miao group and it is the root of prosperity. According to custom, the leader of the Miao group sang ancient songs. The fellow Miao people stood solemnly under the pole, saluted to the Flower Pole and to serve the rice wine to pray for a safe, blissful, happy and prosperous life.


The Grand Miao Traditional Dance

After the Flower Pole ceremony, thousands of people gather around the pole in the middle of the square. The Miao group performed ethnic group dance in the shapes of 56 small circles and one big circle wearing the traditional and embroidered costume. And some of them carried the Miao’s flag and played the Miao’s drum. They danced with cheerful beats with bold and neat movement.

The grand Miao traditional dance was performed in small and big circles. The small circles represent 56 ethnic groups like pomegranate seeds that gather together to form the great China. All people unite together to struggle for prosperity.

The grand Miao traditional dance was also a kind of sports. The expressive dancing movement was loved by the Miao group. The dance was accompanied by the music of a cowhide drum and the reed. The dances held their hands together and changed steps according to the beats of the reed. The strong sense of rhythm increased the speed and strength of the dancing, creating a jubilant mood. Dancers shouted “Shezhuo”(the meaning is to keep it up) at the strong beat and repeated the movement.

It is known that the Huashan Festival of Miao Ethnic Group in Xingwen was approved as a municipal intangible cultural heritage in June 2008. In June 2011, it was approved as a provincial intangible cultural heritage. At present, it is under the application for national intangible cultural heritage. Huashan Festival was rated as the most international festival celebration, Chinese brand festival demonstration base and the most ethnic festival with characters by Chinese National Anthropology Research Association National Festival Professional Committee in years 2012, 2016 and 2017. It has become the best platform for Xingwen to carry forward and promote the fine traditional culture of China. Also, in 2014, the Xingwen Miao traditional dance awarded the first prize in performing competition at the Sichuan Provincial Minority Traditional Sports Games.

Xingwen World Geopark

In recent years, Xingwen has promoted the inheritance and development of national culture by holding the “Miao Huashan Festival”. It has promoted the integration of culture and tourism and boosted the development of the tourism industry in Xingwen. The Huashan Festival has injected rich cultural connotations into the county’s economic and social development and has far-reaching significance in promoting national unity and progress.

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