Mengtop Introduces Premium Electronic Accessories With An Innovative Business Solution To Help Client Build Up Brand

Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd from China offers an innovative business solution for retailers worldwide to create their brand and increase their market outreach.

Smart-phones and tablets, which run on rechargeable batteries, have now become an integral part of everyone’s lives. Headquartered in the Chinese city of Changsha, Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd is a specialist in the field of designing and manufacturing power banks, chargers, and other accessories that allow a user to charge their devices anywhere and while moving. They are wholesalers of many such quality electronic products and offer a novel business solution called build up your brand for retailers around the world so that they can substantially increase their profit margins.

Mengtop Introduces Premium Electronic Accessories With An Innovative Business Solution To Help Client Build Up Brand

The business enterprise has several distinct products including the cat eyes power bank and the car charger qc3.0. Its products are user-friendly, moderately priced, and are ideally suited for extended use. They supply chargers and power banks at wholesale rates to their business partners, and Mengtop always remains instrumental in driving the growth of the businesses of their chosen partners. The power banks and charges are affordable and suit the typical requirements of modern people; who are always looking for an easy and hassle-free, quick and safe, as well as a mobile solution to charge their electronic gadgets on the go.

Their car charger qc3.0 has always remained one of the most sought-after products among the buyers. It is frequently bought by consumers for its capability of rapidly charging the gadgets. This uniquely crafted device can pump up enough juice four times quicker than other alternatives available in the market. It has got a couple of USB port with smart detection facility, which instantly locates the slave devices needing to beef up their charge. The charging station has several inbuilt protection systems to shield both the master and slave devices from the issues of overheating and voltage fluctuations or power surges.

Their 1m braid lighting cable is cladded with aramid bulletproof fiber. It supports all kinds of Apple gadgets and can be bent more than five thousand times. Thus, the prospective buyers need not think twice about its longevity and durability at the time of purchase. It is characterized by a reduced cord resistivity and also wide radius wires. The business organization also offers EasyAcc Lighting to USB converter cable, which is half a meter in length and accepts a maximum input voltage of 2.4 Ampere. It is amply coated with a unique synthetic material that is very flexible, and the cable passes the stringent five thousand times bend test with no visible signs of deformity. It is certified by Apple, and its both ends are reinforced.

About Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd:

The company started its operations with EasyAcc’s B2B (business to business) arm, founded in 2015. They began to handle more and more projects within a short span of time, and eventually, Mengtop was incorporated in February 2017. Additional information about their products can be obtained from the aforementioned website.

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