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New devices being introduced almost on daily basis, especially in the field of special hardware (ASIC like), that is tuned for one specific coin or token you name it. It’s not news, that regular video card can’t perform well on mining cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin.

Still there’re plenty of ways you can benefit using your home desktop (PC) or laptop. One of projects that helps with is Lexeme.


  • No technical knowledge to start using it. Register, download app and it will start mining.
  • A team that is behind have 3+ years experience in various projects, so they know what coin is profitable in near realtime and switch it so it’s profitable to Lexeme users.
  • CPU and GPU mining is available in connection or can be run separately.
  • Load of mining can be setup in a way you want, for CPU there’s a slider to do.
  • For GPU, well modern GPUs can handle it by itself, so if you even play lightweight games like StarCraft.
  • In most of cases CPU and GPU minable coins are different at a same time.
  • Get paid weekly

Besides of nice feature list, Lexeme proposes great bonuses:

  • Refer a friend and earn 5 000 satoshi per friend invited. Works for 3 first users you invite, users have to register only, so you can get your bonus.
  • Referred user also receives 5 000 satoshi from you, so its win-win.
  • 10% from all referred users earnings lifetime.

Extra bonus on how to earn 25 000+ satoshi in bonuses. You need to start a game-bot at Telegram, there are 4 levels which need you to complete simple tasks( such as same friend invitation, like of Lexeme pages on social media). Link to game bot is here

Below is screenshot of Lexeme while running, also you can use system tray icon to show/hide, start/stop or quit Lexeme.

Registration process is fairly simple, at home page of you click Sign Up button and get to simple registration form.

Note: You don’t need to enter your BTC wallet at a start. In case Lexeme sends you, all results can be found in user cabinet. User can see there general dashboard of mining history, current balance, referrals.

Besides there are separate screens where you can see your device list:

and Referrals:

You got it, Lexeme is so cool! Is it safe?

  • It is. Once you are using hardware in high loaded stuff (3D modelling, photoshop, heavy calculations and games. Mining is the same heavy calculations.
  • Antivirus programs might warn about potential virul kind of software. Mainly it’s because mining software is using heavy calculations it market as that can harm your device. Lexeme using all known algorithms of mining inside, so no way to have issues with it. Note. You might need to make an exception in antivirus program so Lexeme will run. There’re guides at Lexeme website or in youtube on how to overcome it.

We wish you Happy Mining with Lexeme!

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