Teenager Looking To Help Children In Nepal Learn About Christ For Her Sweet 16 Celebration

Vilexyana Rios Raising Funds on GoFundMe to Support Her Mission Trip to Nepal

April 23, 2018 – Many girls get excited about throwing big parties for their Sweet 16 celebrations. But for Vilexyana Rios, she is looking to do a little something different. She wants to help children in Nepal to learn about the word of Jesus.

Vilexyana Rios will be turning sixteen years of age on July 26. She was motivated to head out to Nepal for her birthday after learning about Global Ventures, a group that offers support for mission trips to places all around the world. Global Ventures has helped promote the Gospel in more than 25 countries around the world.

Rios will be heading out to Nepal on a mission trip in the fall, approximately in November. Her trip will entail her working with a children’s ministry and help people in Nepal learn about the Gospel. She is excited to be spending her Sweet 16 not with a party but instead with the opportunity to help change the lives of people in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Rios will be traveling to Nepal on November 8 and will be back on November 18. Her mother will be attending as Rios is unable to go without an adult accompanying her.

The trip will cost $6,590. This includes accommodations, airfare, food, and training. She is looking to raise funds on GoFundMe to help her get out to Nepal and help teach the Gospel to people in the country.

Rios’ GoFundMe efforts is hoping to get enough people to help her fund the cost of her travels to this beautiful part of the world. Rios’ family is unable to afford the entire cost of the trip in full and is aiming to get enough donations moving forward.

People can visit her page at gofundme.com/lexy-nepal, or they can pay Global Ventures directly by calling 918-266-5764. Vilexyana Rios’ name must be included in the instructions for seller notes to confirm the details on the donation.

Rios is working to ensure that she can get the funds that she needs for her trip to Nepal. Her goal for this big milestone in life is not to have something for herself but rather to help people who are less fortunate know about the Gospel and the word of Jesus.

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