An All in One Lifestyle Transformation – Health, Wealth, And Business All in One

It’s Like Amazon And Airbnb And Uber All Got Together

Atlanta, GA – April 23, 2018 – The future of transformation involves innovation, inspiration, tips, tools, technology, convenience, online and offline, and integrations for people to not only transform their lives (health, wealth, and business in our case), but to also earn money as influencers, entrepreneurs, and coaches as well as use our lifestyle platform for fundraising. It’s being focused on service from all directions and hands on implementation step by step. 

That’s what we’ve created – as creator – Katrina Julia struggled with over 55 lbs. >4 years ago, helped make others 7-9 figures annually in strategy, finance, and  served in over 7 industries. She realized it was all for a bigger purpose to create a lifestyle brand as a lifestyle entrepreneur and transformation coach. 

Welcome to It’s a FIT Life Creation – where people create transformation and unleash inspiration. They can start with our FREE 14 Day Challenge – online! When they continue creating with us, they get weekly new content in 1 of 12 modules everything from Jump Start Transformation to Smart Social Media to Money Maker to Boss Brand and MORE! They also get a monthly transformation pack mailed to them with tools to help them get results faster for <$100 a month, as well as exclusive discounts! There are more freebies to start! 

In the lifestyle brand, people may also love to create in our live experiences like Atlanta and Brazil coming up! We Transform and Travel with intimate experiences with onsite workshops in health, wealth, and business! We also do community service with our events! 

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Our average results (based on surveys >200+) and >7 industries include weight loss of 4-167 lbs., wealth and business transformation up to >50% and up to 1000% ROI. 

Oh, and in case you are a social media guru, influencer, traveller, brand, and are looking to mastermind with us in our endless collabs, we integrate our platform into an entrepreneurial integrative platform! 

It is time to create transformation and inspiration now. It is time to not change our own lives and live to the fullest, but to also give back. We give a minimum of 10% of all of our profits to help end homelessness, end cancer, help military vets and battered women, an incredible humanitarian task being undertaken by Fit Life Creation along with the other sponsors of the area. 

The innovative and inspirational fitness event includes a FITness Model Challenge focusing on inner and outer transformation including yoga, zumba, boot camp, meal plans, nutrition and more and is aimed at raising money for charity.

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