Home automation made more convenient and accessible by HomeCoverPlan with one-device system

Home automation has become the by-word for many homeowners, especially those who would like a home that’s not only more secure but also more efficient and easily managed. Today, homeowners can benefit from HomeCoverPlan’s complete one-device system for home automation and smart home systems – a revolutionary technology that allows homeowners to control all aspects of home automation from one single device.

UNITED KINGDOM – 23 Apr, 2018 – Smart home systems are increasingly becoming a popular option for more homeowners, not just in the UK, but in the rest of the world. With a smart home system and complete home automation solutions, a home can be safer and a lot more functional – providing a thoroughly efficient, comfortable, and more secure environment for everyone in the family.

There is one company which has already made its mark in home automation and smart home installations: HomeCoverPlan. HomeCoverPlan’s focus and vision is to help homeowners and their families benefit from a much more organised and efficient abode – a place where they can work, relax, and sleep with ease.

HomeCoverPlan explains more about its smart home and security solutions: “(We) offer you a custom-made innovative home automation and security package which prevents an eventuality before it happens.”

In essence, the service provided by HomeCoverPlan includes fire and flood prevention, home security solutions, clean and safe air solutions, heating, boiler care and monitoring, 24-hour self-monitoring, and more. But the singular aspect which makes HomeCoverPlan’s service more advanced and in-demand than most is its revolutionary one-device system. As HomeCoverPlan further explains, “You will just use one device to manage all devices that you can control from anywhere. This breakthrough system can be easily mounted on any wall, in any home. This stylish design features a large number of built-in sensors and apps that allow you to manage numerous devices such as your security system, thermostat, cameras and alarms and bring (them) all together in one, smart and beautiful device.”

In other words, from a single innovative device, anyone can control a number of systems, which include security, video monitoring, safety, temperature, and even elderly care. This makes it a lot easier for HomeCoverPlan clients to have complete peace of mind and the assurance that their home is utterly safe, secure, and well-managed even if they are not physically present. And, since there’s only one device which manages all the home systems, controlling a home environment becomes much easier as well.   


HomeCoverPlan is a leading name in home automation, smart home systems, and security solutions in the UK. The company offers highly-advanced technological systems and solutions for homeowners wanting to make their homes more functional, easily controlled, and safe. For more information on its services, visit HomeCoverPlan.co.uk

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