Sweet Clothing Launches 10th Successful Kickstarter Campaign with its Ultimate All-Weather Coat

Vancouver, BC – Sweet Clothing is delighted to announce the launch of its 10th successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for the Ultimate All-Weather Coat 2, which has been revamped from its original design into a new and improved version. As makers of the world’s best all-weather coats, Sweet Clothing is once again achieving unprecedented success, meeting its funding target on the first day of the campaign.

“We’re just a small company,” says company founder Todd Listwin. “But we’re immensely proud of how popular our coats have become. We offer unique style, quality and practicality that simply can’t be found elsewhere.”

But as Listwin points out, theirs is a business that’s constantly in need of working capital. “It’s a capital intensive industry,” he explains. “To keep the costs down for our customers we have to make hundreds of coats at a time. Although we’ve always run successful campaigns, we’ve never been able to support an entire project. And of course we hope to finance the company so that it can function more effectively, now that it’s growing so fast.”

The Ultimate All-Weather Coat, created under the Mia Melon and OMO brand names, is unlike any traditional wool coat. Warm, windproof and waterproof, and designed by a world-class fashion designer, the coat is exceptionally affordable. The latest version is made from a new, softer type of wool that eliminates stiffness and drapes beautifully.

“Our designers and factory merchandisers have outdone themselves with this new version,” adds Listwin. “It’s a great investment that will keep you warm, dry, and looking good, no matter what part of the world you’re in!”

The coats are being pre-sold at huge discounts for a limited time only. Sweet Clothing is also offering a variety of generous rewards for early backers. And as an added incentive, anyone who publishes information about the campaign can be a part of the affiliate program that offers 10% for any backer received as a result.

For more information, visit The Ultimate All-Weather Coat 2 Kickstarter page.

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