Ontario’s Top Container Hauling Company Moves Customers, from Planning to Delivery

Customers want to make one call and be guaranteed that their needs will be professionally handled from the planning stage right up to final delivery. That’s why homeowners, retailers, part suppliers, and many others rely on OCT. They know their property will be prepared, tracked, and cared for, even when being unloaded at the other end, by one solid company that offers more than any other.

Full Service

OCT will determine the best method to safely and efficiently get your packages anywhere in the world. They offer ship, train, plane, and truck transport delivery options and a wide range of services.

Intermodal Shipping

Intermodal freight movement involves shipping the goods in a specially designed container that can withstand the rigors of moving from one type of transportation to another. By supplying specific containers, the need to repack the cargo is eliminated. That saves time and money while protecting the contents of the container. There are different types of containers:

  • LCL(Less than Intermodal Container): Generally used for customers with a small amount of goods.
  • FCL (Full Intermodal Container): For shipping large amounts in one container.
  • Reefer Containers: Temperature controlled trucks that may have up to three separate compartments with individual temperature controls.
  • Ventilated Containers: Some loads require ventilation to ensure that humidity levels do not get excessive. Ventilation allows for adequate airflow.


OCT has 200 safe locations of their distribution and warehouse center facilities across the U.S. and Canada. Each location comes with several security measures, such as camera surveillance 24/7, sprinkler systems and fire alarms, optional fenced areas for high end items, and authorized entry measures. Wrapping and palletizing services are also available for greater convenience.

Cross Docking

Customers gain the convenience of being able to quickly transfer goods from an inbound source to an outbound source. These transfers can take place between two different types of transportation as well. That means they aren’t paying for drivers to sit around or for extra warehouse fees. Because the facilities offer seven day access, the items can be accessed easily, even on a holiday! Cross-docking, done well, saves time and money.

Household Moving and Storage

Customers can have trailers be brought to their house. This will give 3500 cubic feet of storage space that is mobile. Choose to have the trailer loaded by the professionals or do it yourself.

Office Moving and Storage

A mobile trailer is delivered to the customer’s office where either OCT professionals or the customer will load it. Next, that trailer is either taken to the customer’s new facility anywhere in North America, or stored in one of the 200 OCT warehouses. When it is time, OCT will even unpack items in the customer’s new office.

Moving Boxes

OCT has a wide range of boxes and packing materials, including specialty picture boxes and wardrobe boxes.

Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

Stored items are shipped directly from warehouses using networks or intermodal shipping containers and transportation methods that have all been provided by OCT. This not only streamlines the process, but allows for early detection of potential concerns.

Blanket Wrapped

Furniture is expensive and easily damaged during transport — a simple solution is to blanket wrap it.

About OCT: Located in Woodbridge, ON, OCT provides worldwide services. Their dedication to creating a seamless, integrated solution has made them the premier provider of container hauling. Their logistics specialists are with their customers from the beginning to the end, communicating with them every step of the way.

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