New Beginnings to Sober Living – Step by Step Instructions to Sobriety

Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is a hard road to turn away from, but it can be achieved. When it’s time to make a new start, we can help. At Sober Living House, our staff is waiting to help the addict take that first step to recovery. We make a commitment to be there for every resident every step of the way to recovery from addiction.

Get started, and keep going:

While recovering in a Sober Living house, residents are able to get in touch with themselves as the time goes by. We offer help with self-restraint, sobriety, and with continued abstinence. We help give a new outlook on the future for our residents. We help to find employment and with completing school. We find ways to motivate each client to find new goals and fulfill them. We help with bringing a normalcy back to everyday life.

Our counsellors teach problem solving techniques, replacing out-of-control behaviour that dominated every day before attaining sobriety. Residents learn new life skills and receive constant encouragement to make each new day a success.

Living accommodations:

Our residents enjoy multiple entertainment areas, and outdoor activities areas, including a bon fire pit. There are fitness rooms, basketball, ping pong and pool tables. We offer private and semi-private rooms and provide nutritious homemade meals. This is a private, safe, secure gated community. The house is designed to be supportive toward the goal of living a safe and sober lifestyle. Sobriety is our main goal.

Why choose a sober living house instead of a halfway house?

Our Sober Living homes don’t have a time limit on the duration of our client’s stay. This is not a halfway house. This is a private residence for men recovering from alcohol and drug dependencies. We provide one-on-one counselling as well as group or 12-step programs to help the residents stay on the path to recovery.

Sober Living houses improve the chances of staying sober and drug free lives. To find out if this is the right path to take, find a sober living house nearby, look around, and speak to the residents to find out if this is the right step to take.

About us:

We believe that sobriety is the most important step that an addict or alcoholic can make. We provide an environment that makes sobriety attainable. We want to help our residents achieve sobriety and keep it. We encourage group sessions and with joining in with 12-step programs to encourage and support our residents in their recovery. When the first step is taken on that road to recovery, we will be there with open arms to health and wellness that will improve all aspects of a sober life.

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