From a mold marred old house to a panoramic gallery-like home – David Smith knows how to create magic with architecture

Laguna Beach-based senior architect David B. Smith has dramatically transformed an old ranch home into a mind-blowing sprawling contemporary home with his elegant minimalist style.

Laguna Beach, CA – April 23, 2018 – Digital media executive Elizabeth Wahler poses a classy picture in her swanky ultra-modern glass-walled Cameo Highlands home that overlooks the majestic view of the Pacific Ocean. Cut back to 2012, the same house was an old dilapidated California ranch home plagued by hideous issues of water leaks and toxic mold. The transformation that happened over the last 6 years was no less than magic and the wizard behind the awe-inspiring makeover is Laguna Beach-based senior architect David B. Smith.

“I had consulted several architects when I decided a complete overhaul of my old ranch home right from the scratch. But when I found Dave, I could think of no other architect to bestow the responsibility of my childhood home. I completely fell for his spectacular minimalist style which he beautifully defines with clear lines, proper symmetry and also the right dose of warmth”, said Elizabeth Wahler while talking about the main reason behind working with Mr. Smith for her home.

An art connoisseur by passion, Elizabeth always wanted a gallery-like home where she can flaunt her precious artsy treasures, design pieces as well as amazing gem and mineral collection. It was not possible in her old ranch home as it was loaded with dark heavy woods and mostly red & deep dark browns. 

“I had told Dave about my long-cherished dream of a gallery-like home. He understood what I wished for and the next thing that he created is sheer magic. My new home still carries the warm footprint of the old one but it also makes you feel that you are in some different aesthetic space- courtesy Mr. Smith’s smart minimalist design.” 

The master architect has beautifully transformed Elizabeth Wahler’s childhood woodsy ranch home into a very contemporary structure with a stylish “transparent” layout, a glass-walled house office overlooking the ocean and sliding glass door for kitchen/dining/living which creates a lovely blend of outdoor-indoor living space.  

However, the veteran architect’s winning stroke for Wahler’s home is certainly the tub in the sky. He strategically planned a curved roof to ensure better volume and space inside. This strategic move also made space for a split-level mezzanine that made way for bathtub up the stairs- accompanied by a great closet area. 

“The tub right in the sky offers a wonderful vista of sunset and it’s one of the most favorite corners of her (Elizabeth) in her new home where she relaxes every other night”, noted Mr. Smith.  

Since 1982 David has been practicing residential Architecture in more than 30 Cities in California and Nevada. Projects include new custom homes, spec homes, remodels, additions and housing tracts. David has extensive experience in energy efficient designs, passive solar and environmentally friendly designs from oceanfront beaches to steep hillside sites to mountainous areas with 600” of snowfall. His designs include Modern, Tuscan, Spanish Colonial Revival, Beach Cottage and Rustic Mountain homes to name a few. David’s firm uses 3D software to allow clients to view their future home in perspective in real time early in the design process.  

From homes overlooking oceanfront beaches to sturdy homes in steep hillsides- the master architect has created spectacular custom homes for almost any terrain. A true modern tech-savvy architect, David counts on state of the art 3D software demos for his designs so that clients can have a realistic picture of their future homes before the actual construction. 

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