Food Prep Is In! Sports Healthy Meals Put Variety into Portion Control

Obesity has been on the rise for some time in Canada. It has been reported that it is possible that over 34% of Canadians may end up being obese within the next five to seven years. This will be expensive for Canada and costly to the health and longevity of Canadians.  With obesity rates on the rise, it is time to take control and step back into the driver’s seat when it comes to diet, nutrition, and weight control. Caloric intake depends on personal goals, height, and weight. Calories are an excellent way to take measurement of how much energy a particular food item can have. 

Why do calories matter

If you consume more energy than you use, that energy has to go somewhere else.  Energy doesn’t disappear; it has to be used. If not, that energy will be stored and the vessels for storage in the body are areas that can hold fat.  Depending on the body type, this will be the arms, hips, and of course, the stomach.  Keeping track of how much energy the body uses will assist in keeping track of how much energy the body needs.

Sports Healthy Meals gives variety and convenience for every meal

All meals from Sports Healthy Meals are dairy and gluten free. Each meal is five hundred calories.  The price per meal adds up to 9.99 per main course and 6.99 per breakfast meal.

What each meal contains

The Package A Meal Plan

This meal plan features 10 meals that average 500 calories per meal. These meals are macronutrient balanced, featuring delicious meals such as chicken madras curry, beef steak, fish tacos, and so much more.

The Package B Meal Plan

Knowing how many calories you need to consume in order to burn fat can be done by using a calculator for your BMR, or basal metabolic rate.  The basal metabolic rate is known commonly as metabolism.  One of the best ways to address weight loss is by taking control of macronutrient consumption.  In addition to 10 nutritionally balanced meals, there is a variety perfectly portioned breakfasts in this package. 

The Package C Meal Plan

This meal plan features 14 balanced meals in a package.  There are no breakfasts in this meal plan though it does have larger amounts of carbohydrates and protein that will assist in meeting all fitness goals.

About Sports Healthy Meals

Sports Healthy Meals are based in Mississauga, Canada and deliver in Ontario, Quebec City, and Montreal.   The meals they provide are balance and the specific calorie focus will help each customer receive optimal results. The menu is designed by a certified nutritionist, fitness consultant, and a chef.

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