Kodvi Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Make Swinging Fun Again

Do what you want!

Kodvi is a unique swing of elastic fabric for children and adults. Made with the firm material of bright colors, swings withstand the weight up to 100 kg.

With them, do whatever you want! Sit, lie, jump, stand, read a book, play your smartphone, hide, invent any tricks! Firm fabric will stretch, thus do not limit yourself!

Kodvi set includes swing, 2 cables (2 meters length and 1-meter length), a fixing carbine and a small bag. You can use Kodvi in the house or outside, they are simple in transportation and can be quickly fixed anywhere you wish. Swings are simple in washing and intended for having an excellent time!

Choose your swings of bright colors to suit your mood: red, blue, light-green, hot-pink, black.

Swing for you and your child from 3 years.

Our company is located in Ukraine.  Our aim is to make your life easier and funnier.

The idea of Kodvi

What has prompted the idea to create swings Kodvi? It is simple. During my life, I have been doing just what I wanted. And I wanted to create a product, which would allow people to have the pleasure of doing what they want without limiting themselves. That is how the idea to create swings Kodvi, which can be used by children and adults anywhere, emerged.

I wanted to make them convenient, unusual and simple in carrying. I wanted them to be ultimately comfortable to be used anywhere. I had been developing a model for several months and have found this perfect option. Then I had to understand if other people are interested in my invention, what it was necessary to add and what to delete. And thus, the product was ready.

As I wanted, I created swings where one can lie, sit, stand, jump and invent their own tricks. You can use it anywhere, for any purpose, at any time, as you want.  

With Kodvi there is no need to limit yourself, you can boldly use your imagination and enjoy the result! Use them as you wish, simplify and improve your life!  

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

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