World Earth Day 2018: Reduce Consumption by Renting Instead of Purchasing

ECrent, as the world’s largest and most extensive global online rental platform, is arguably the best-suited community of people (not just online but in reality as well) to initiate meaningful change when it comes to reducing our carbon footprints, establishing sustainable economies, and lessening the impacts of consumption on the environment.

Earth Day 2018: End Plastic Pollution

Earth Day 2018 will be celebrated on April 22. The theme of this year’s event is the end of plastic pollution. While Earth Day started as a global initiative aimed at controlling consumption and saving the environment, it’s goals and objectives have become increasingly focused and this year’s Earth Day hopes to fundamentally change popular attitudes and raise awareness specifically of plastic pollution to encourage people to avoid useless and heedless over-consumption.

The primary driver of the massive consumption problem we see today lies in the low-usability of goods – most things are thrown out before their full useful life is spent. This results in unnecessary waste and pollution to alarming extents. Plastic pollution has reached such critical levels that it is no wonder that it has been chosen as the focus area of this year’s Earth Day.

So what do economic usage of goods and environmental responsibilities have to do with ECrent?

Well, Earth Day 2018’s keyword of ‘reuse’ resonates strongly with ECrent. Compared against the purchase of products from traditional retailers or e-commerce site such as Amazon for single-time usage, ECrent provides users with a much better option – to reuse what they own and paid for by renting things out to other users. With ECrent, people no longer need to make redundant purchases for short-term use. Instead, they can make fulfilling use of extra, unused, and idle items that are available on hand with other people. This allows the owners of such items to profit from listing their personal belongings for rent on ECrent, especially products that are not frequently used such as vacuum cleaners, tools, and so on, and renters save money by not having to pay the full price for new items that they only need for the short-term anyway. In this way, ECrent intends to form an ecosystem which provides mutual benefits for ECrent users (both those listing products and those renting out products) as well as the environment.


Rent and Share for a Green World 

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, otherwise known as Global Goals, are very similar to the goal of World Earth Day 2018. These goals also fall in the general area of promoting sustainable consumption and production of goods and services. The rental market will play a critical role in achieving the UN’s Global Goals of creating jobs and prosperity without straining natural resources.

ECrent, as the global leader in online rentals, will undoubtedly lead the way in this initiative as well. ECrent actively makes efforts to protect the planet and ensure the well-being of all people by developing and promoting the sharing economy. By extending the usable lives of products, ECrent supports the United Nations’ Public Private Partnership as well and encourages governments and citizens to opt in, thereby leveraging renting to reduce carbon emissions by reusing and recycling goods, cutting waste, and increasing the extent to which you utilize the things you already have.

Embracing the sharing economy worldwide

The sharing economy has grown rapidly over the past decade, and the number of participants in the sharing economy in the United States is forecasted to cross 86 million by 2021. Meanwhile, advancements in technology have reduced the costs of transactions, leading to cheaper and easier sharing that is even possible on a relatively broad scale.

Renting is a central part of the sharing equation and rental services are uniquely positioned to assist those looking to live a digital nomad lifestyle in which you have the flexibility to move from place to place with little dependency on private ownership of the things you need to enjoy a fulfilling, healthy life. With ECrent, people can gain access to what they need very easily and very cheaply, allowing them to pursue freer lifestyles that would not be possible otherwise.

If you are interested in living such a lifestyle and making change that matters, visit ECrent to join the world’s leading rental platform and to learn more about simple things you can do to be green. You can also find the ECrent app on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Contribute to the planet by taking the simple step of renting your idle products on ECrent. Your efforts matter.

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ECrent was established in 2013 and today it boasts a community of people from over 180 countries. With a growing list of online products and services available for rent, we are steadily making our way to becoming the #1 global online rental platform for your every need.

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