Klccoin block chain fingerprint ecological alliance chain

Klccoin is a new kind of alliance technology, which is studied by Israel, Russia and the American multinational cryptography experts. It latest is introduced in LABS in silicon valley. The verification POOL of Klccoin is based on traditional distributed conformance technology and data validation mechanism, so that it can be applied to the enterprise alliance chain system.


First: Quick and Fast

On the basis of the mature distributed consistency algorithm (Pasox, Raft), the latest data verification mechanism is added and each node is verified together to achieve the second level consensus verification. This point is not possible in the existing alliance chain system even ripple.

Second: Justice

New intelligent contract — fingerprint application scenario, the authorized enterprise can query the data changes of the klccoin interface in real time, which can bring the security and reliable transparent and fair intelligent service to the enterprise.

Third: Safe

It is based on the traditional distributed conformance technique and the mature distributed consistency algorithm. Different from ripple, to make its safety coefficient reach the quantum level, Klccoin strengthened the local centralization effect.

Fourth: Extensive

Because Klccoin is unique in technology, Klccoin can be applied to logistics, real estate, Internet of things, smart home products, and has reached the world-class alliance chain.


The front-end of Klccoin is the fingerprint application scene as the entrance. Its posterior segment covers a diverse ecosystem. Its payment wallet – coin trading platform – mine pool – fingerprint alliance chain ecosystem can circulate in and out of. Israeli international block chain experts assessed it as class A block chain application. It is rated as the most opportunistic killer of ripple.


Klccoin was first issued 50 million, with a 50 percent decline every two years. In 51 years, the total amount 500 million will be issued.

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