April 24, 2018 – Life Quest, a self improvement game designed to increase productivity and motivation, launched on KICKSTARTER April 16 2018. Fully funded in 24 hours.

For more information, visit: www.lifequestcards.com

Life Quest taps into the reward center of the brain to develop a habit of productivity. Science shows that when you complete a challenge, dopamine is released in the brain. This is responsible for happiness, learning and motivation. Life Quest provides a new challenge every day that is small and attainable. As you complete the challenges, your brain requests you to do more, because the dopamine feels good. This increases motivation and allows the user to build a habit of productivity. Once the habit is developed, Life Quest provides more difficult challenges to begin pushing your comfort zone.

Life Quest was developed out of the creators own struggles with self-improvement. He was failing his goals more often than succeeding. He created a system for himself and saw a huge improvement in mood and productivity. He turned this into an easy-to-use card game for others to benefit from

For $25 the buyer will receive the Life Quest Starter Pack. This includes 105 cards, 92 unique challenges, 5 lifelines, and 2 trackers (downloadable & printable). 92 cards allows for a unique challenge for a quarter of the year and the cards are easily replayable to provide year round productivity.

This product is perfect for those who strive for self improvement, but often have trouble sticking to goals. Such as the 80% of people who fail their New Year’s Resolutions. People often set their goals too large before developing a habit of productivity. Life Quest is designed to build this momentum.

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