With Expo 2020 in Sight, Off Plan Properties in Dubai continues to attracts overseas buyers and Investors to the Real Estate Sector

UAE – In the past decade, Dubai has been globally recognized as the leading tourist destination and global commercial hub. Apart from this notable achievement, the country’s real estate market has remained the key sector that continuously attracts buyers and investors internationally.

The investors and buyers in the large markets around the world such as the ones from United Kingdom, United States, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon are always on the lookout for high-yield real estate opportunities in Dubai such as apartments which they can buy and then put up for rent – examples for these are apartments for rent in Dubai Marina and apartments for rent in Downtown Dubai.

When buying real estate in Dubai, off plan properties are the ones to opt for.  These are highly successful investment opportunities available in context of today’s competitive market,” said Husni Al Bayari, CEO of D&B Properties Dubai. “For international buyers and investors, it’s important to recognize that Dubai is one of the top 10 fastest growing property markets in the world and off plan properties in Dubai offers the ability to purchase real estate at the lowest possible price and generate significant return on investment. Many worldwide investors are holding onto their off plan properties in Dubai until its completion and thereafter get great rental revenue from it”.

Many worldwide investors are holding onto their off plan properties in Dubai until its completion and thereafter get great rental revenue from it – Husni Al Bayari, D&B Properties

D&B Properties, along with other leading real estate brokers, has witnessed increasing success with leading developers in Dubai in the year 2017. With strong growth in the economy and low-interest rates, the demands for premium off plan properties in Dubai is anticipated to continue in the coming years.  D&B Properties Dubai was recognized and awarded as the Top Broker for the year 2017 from Emaar, the leading real estate development company in the UAE and across the region.

Some of the areas that have the potential to grow in terms of off-plan properties are Dubai Hills Estate, Dubai Creek Harbour and Emaar South.

About the D&B Properties Dubai:

D&B Properties’ vision is to create the future of major cities worldwide with innovative & exciting new build projects whilst ensuring attractive investment options for their investors. D&B is recognized as the # 1 off plan investments experts in the real estate space.

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