PFGHL Donated RMB 500,000 to Build Kindergarten for Impoverished Children in Yilong County

Investing in future generations helps students and benefits the whole of society. To increase financial assistance for children in impoverished areas and make a meaningful difference to poverty alleviation through education, on the afternoon of April 18th, the Yilong County Government and PFGHL held a ceremony marking PFGHL’s contribution to the construction of the Shifo Township Primary School in Yilong County, Nanchong City. During the ceremony, PFGHL announced that it will donate RMB 500,000 for the construction of a new kindergarten to help and improve school conditions and provide a better learning environment for students. In addition, crayons, books, and other learning tools were provided to over 800 students in the rest of the school by PFGHL during the ceremony.


Senior officials and other guests included Mai Shengxue, Vice Chairman of the Yilong County CPPCC Committee; Luo Jie, Secretary General of the CPPCC; Yang Rong, member and Deputy Director of the County Education Bureaus Party Committee; Liu Min, Party Secretary of Shifo Township; Luo Yu, Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Shifo Township; Lin Ke, headmaster of Shifo Township Primary School; Hui Yui Sang, Chairman of PFGHL, and other representatives of the company. All of the teachers and students from Shifo Township Primary School took part in the event.


“Children are the future of the country and nation, and students are in even greater need of support and concern from society. Going forward, PFGHL will do all to fulfill its corporate social responsibility so that these children will have a better environment to learn in” said by the chairman of PFGHL Hui Yui Sang.


Shifo Primary School Principal Lin Ke accepted Mr. Hui’s donation on behalf of the school. Looking over the smiling faces of the children, he expressed his thanks to PFGHL for its concern for the development of education in Yilong County and said that the donation was of great significance: not only would provide economic and material assistance to the students, moreover it could also give them spiritual encouragement.


Mai Shengxue, Vice Chairman of the Yilong County CPPCC, and Mr. Yang Rong, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Education, thanked PFGHL on behalf of the county’s government and Education Bureau. They believe that under the help of the company, conditions at Yilong County’s Shifo County Primary School will be further improved, its education environment will be further optimized, and the teaching quality will be further enhanced.


The Yilong County Shifo Primary School is located in Xinchun Village, Shifo Township, Yilong County. It has 24 classes, nearly 1,000 students and 53 faculty members. The kindergarten is located at the main school and currently has 173 students. Due to the lack of teachers, classrooms, and other hardwares and facilities, there are only two kindergarten classes. Total investment in the new kindergarten is expected to be RMB 2.2 million. The construction area will be approximately 400 square meters, area of activity will be 800 square meters, and 220 students are expected to enroll.


Since building the Nanchong Factory in 2013, PFGHL has invested HKD 500 million and helped to create over 1500 employment positions in Yilong County. In October 2017, PFGHL began investment in the construction of a silkworm breeding base aimed at alleviating poverty and supporting agriculture, benefiting the whole Yilong County. The latest donation goes a long way toward solving the pressing issues facing Shifo Township Primary School. It provides strong financial support for the school and is further testament to PFGHL’s commitment to actively fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities. In the future, PFGHL will continue to bring its power as a company to bear, increase its charitable investments, ceaselessly improve its accountability and standards, and fulfill its corporate social responsibility through practical actions.

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