Museuly to disrupt unknown museums and attractions

Online platform Museuly aims to digitize unknown things to do worldwide

Museuly – online marketplace for things to do – aims to open unknown attractions and museums to millions of travelers.

“Things to do” industry is seeing quite a rapid growth in recent times. Numerous “attractions” startups have enjoyed great investments or acquisitions. But, compared to flights or accomodations, “things to do” sector of travel industry was left behind. Both mentioned industries have created numerous unicorns – e.g. Skyscanner with flights bookings or Airbnb and with rentals and hotels. There wasn’t such a big disruption in things to do sector.

On the other hand, still more than 80% of all museums, attractions don’t have a proper digital solution in place – either for booking tickets online or for digital marketing. Most travel websites cover only most well-known spots, while thousands of fantastic, but less known attractions and museums are left behind. Everyday, there are queues outside museums in major European cities, which is a good signal, but also it means, that still there isn’t an app, which completely solved this problem.

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This means, that millions of travelers, while exploring cities around the world, still need to waste much more money, time and do research before planning an active trip. It is really easy to book a flight or a hotel, but much harder to find out, what to do in a particular city.

There are already quite a few services, where you can book attractions. But, very often these solutions don’t work with vendors directly, booking service (both web and mobile) is not there and mobile experience is not that great. Therefore, experience of selling museum tickets for vendors or booking tickets for travelers is still not advanced. Attraction tickets are still expensive, it’s hard to book them and you still spend time in queues.

Museuly – “things to do” startup – wants to bring attention to these unknown tourist places and open them for travelers around the world. A lot of websites focus on most well-known tourist spots in New York or London, while Museuly wants to bring more visitors to maybe less-known, but not less great places, museums and attractions. And which are away from crowds.

Our service also offers B2B solution to vendors, where they can create their listing, add description, photos, exhibitions, free days and so on. Platform works both as ticket-selling software and a digital marketing machine, where vendors can promote their places. Therefore, they don’t need to spend big budgets on online marketing, search optimization, social media marketing, etc. For travelers, Museuly is designed with an aim to enjoy the city like a local, have fun with family and avoid massive queues.

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