Study Reveals New Insights About the Importance of Branding a Small Business

National Press Distributors released an in-depth study on the effects of branding small businesses. While “branding” is an accepted term in the internet market, the exact definition is still somewhat vague. Some believe that a company brand is anything presented by the business for audience consumption. Branding, in short, is what sets one company or product apart from another.

Looking at the sale of water bottles is a simple illustration of this concept. All water is basically the same. One bottle of water from company A has the same use as a bottle of water from company B. What draws the consumer to the bottle they choose is branding. It is the shape of the water bottle, the image on the front of the bottle, and the text that the company uses to present the product. All of this is branding.

This is especially important in the age of the internet, when companies are fully accessible to anyone visiting a website. The NPD study covers areas such as the impact of logos on overall business impression, creating brand loyalty, and the importance of design and copywriting on a business.  

Logos enforce the brand identity. It’s a lot of branding in one very small package. Consumers purchase from companies they know and like. Business owners can make a connection using an appealing logo. If a consumer likes a logo, they will likely feel more connected with the owner of the business, and this might sway their decision to purchase.

Design and copywriting are powerful tools for creating brand loyalty. Companies that present consistency in messaging and product are more likely to have repeat customers because trust has been established.

Every business, whether they are aware or not, uses branding. Having the knowledge to present a company and products in a productive way is valuable for attracting and retaining customers. This is true for eCommerce businesses, peer-to-peer businesses, and brick and mortar businesses.

Brick and mortar businesses have more work to do with branding. The way they present their space is also a form of branding. Most brick and mortar businesses also have a website that reflects the personality of the business. They also must focus on marketing to local clientele, which is a different technique entirely.  

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