Tencent e-Sport’s in-depth plan 2018 taking strategic steps to operate e-Sports as a sports industry

In UP2018 the Tencent Neo-Culture Creativity Eco-Conference (hereinafter referred to as the UP Conference) held on 23rd April, Tencent announced that 2018 will be the year of an in-depth plan for a golden 5-year plan in China e-sports. They will focus on operating e-sports as a sports industry as its fundamental idea, and promote the development of the Chinese e-sports industry that will lead to a framework for sustainable development. Tencent’s digital culture business, which follows the Tencent Games, Tencent Animation & Comics, China Literature and Tencent Pictures, Tencent e-Sport’s has made its debut at the UP Conference.

As an important part of the new digital culture and innovation industry, Tencent eSport is surrounded with the idea of operating e-sports as a sports industry, and making an announcement about three major strategies and specific measures for systematic upgrades, regional distribution and standardized operations at the press conference. In June last year, Tencent‘s Vice President and Tencent Pictures’ CEO, Cheng Wu launched the new five-year plan for the beginning of the Golden Five-Year Plan of Chinese e-sports. Hopefully, with this plan, they can use the event as its core, the alliance as support, education as the foundation, and industrial park as the carrier to build a 100 billion dollar e-sports industry with all of their business partners.

At the UP Conference, Tencent Interactive Entertainment Marketing Research Department and Integrated Marketing Department General Manager, Hou Miao said that during the second year of the Golden Five-Year Plan, the in-depth plan 2018 of Tencent e-Sports is based on the idea of operating e-sports as a sports industry, and continuously exploring the commercialization of e-sports as a sports industry. Tencent not only wants to create high-quality e-sports events, but it will also cooperate with their partners from industry chains and digital cultures to make e-sports larger and stronger and even a part of everyday life.

Following the beginning of the Golden Five-Year Plan in 2017, Tencent e-Sports launched the focus of its in-depth plan 2018 to operate e-sports as a sports industry

Tencent e-Sports business started with TGA in 2010. The official brand was established on 9th December 2016. Tencent Gaming, China Literature (Tencent Literature), Tencent Pictures, and Tencent Animation & Comics together formed the Tencent digital cultural business team. As a participant, witness, and main promoter of China’s eSports development, Tencent e-Sports includes the 11 major e-sports gaming events in which the League of Legends series and Honor of Kings series are deployed in dual-engine for multi-field development. The total viewing volume exceeded 22 billion hits for the year, and the number of e-sports users exceeded 220 million. The e-sports education system based on academic education, vocational education, and mass education has been established through expanding the resources of universities and institutions at home and abroad. They established in-depth cooperation with 7 universities including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Communication University of China, Wuhan University, and Shenzhen University to build several courses together. They also held the China-U.S. e-Sports Industry Exchange Forum with MIT to create the China-American High School e-Sports Competition Model. The first e-sports lecturer training class has cultivated 45 potential talents in the e-sports industry. The introduction of e-sports public classes in 15 high schools across the country has successfully promoted the awareness and influence of e-sports at the mass education level. Through the introduction of Beijing Hopson One Pan-Entertainment combined with e-sports, it can boost the creation of an e-sports industry for regional cities.

Tencent e-Sports takes the event as a core, the alliance as support, education as the foundation, and industrial parks as its carrier. Due to Tencent’s exploration and precipitation of the e-sports industry over the years, Tencent e-Sports has become the leader in the industry. According to Hou Miao, the Tencent Interactive Entertainment Marketing Research Department and Integrated Marketing Department General Manager, with the development of the Internet Age and the improvement of infrastructure, the influence of e-sports has been increasing day by day. No matter the recognition of e-sport as a sports industry by International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Council of Asia, or from the perspective of economic interests, the inclusion of e-sports into the sporting category expands the imagination of the market and creates a more positive influence on society. e-Sports is becoming a socially recognized sport with tremendous potential for development.

Therefore, Tencent e-Sport’s believes that the e-sports industry is a digital entertainment culture and sports industry that is based on games but also goes beyond gaming, which is integrating technology, sports, entertainment, and social networking, with unique business attributes and user values.

A systematic comprehensive upgrade, e-Sports city development plan helps create regional esports business cards

In view of the most prominent issues in the e-sports industry, such as the level of professionalization of sports, personnel training systems, industry rules and regulations, and the construction of urban e-sports infrastructure, these are the fields of the e-sports industry that need to be quickly improved. At the UP Conference, Hou Miao also made it clear that in 2018, Tencent will focus on the in-depth planning of systematic upgrades, regionalization, and standardized operations, to operate e-sports into a sports industry.

In order to build a complete professional e-sports framework, the game system of Tencent e-Sports will be fully upgraded in 2018. KPL and LPL will adopt a fixed seat system to help the team gain more space to implement long-term business plans. As well as this, they will begin exploring new event categories and make QQ Speed mobile game a competitive option in the e-sports league starting from June. Commercialization has gradually improved, and the level and number of sponsors of Tencent e-Sports’ events have also grown. Top-tier brands such as Mercedes-Benz, McDonald, Vivo, Paris L’Oréal, and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Credit Cards and other brands have joined in with traditional brands and are working together with Tencent e-Sports to explore the international business system of e-sports events. The Honor of Kings Champion Cup International Finals will be held in Beijing on 11th August with a total prize of up to $1 million. On the 28th of this month, the League of Legends Professional League Spring Finals will be held in the Chengdu Grand Rubik’s Cube. The championship will represent the LPL Division to Paris for the MSI Mid-Season Invitational Championship. This year’s 2018 League of Legends Rift Rivals Asian games was held in the beautiful coastal city of Dalian.

In 2018, Tencent e-Sports took out special funds and resources to help potential events better match the needs of local governments, create an event with quality content, and continuously explore the deep integration of regional culture and event planning into a ‘home-and-away’ model. While providing support for incubating strategic events, it is closely linked with other businesses to help create e-sports business cards for urban digital culture. This is the e-sports city development plan of Tencent e-Sports.

eSports education standardizes industry development and industry standardization promotion helps build a healthy eSports framework

In the in-depth communications held between Tencent e-Sport’s and major companies in the e-sports industry, they learned that the current management personnel, brand personnel, and technical personnel are the most lacking personnel in the industry. Therefore, Tencent e-Sport’s attaches great importance to the overall training of e-sports industry personnel. They will continue to promote the standardization of teaching materials, the standardization of curriculum systems, lecturer qualifications, and professional construction. They will create a special recruitment conference for targeted personnel and contribute more than 2,000 e-sports professional and technical personnel to the industry. They will gradually become the backbone of the e-sports industry development throughout the Golden Five-Year Plan.

As a digital entertainment cultural and sports industry with unique business attributes and user value, Tencent e-Sport’s will actively communicate with national ministries and commissions in the face of a lack of industry norms. On the basis of the existing Tencent 2018 E-Sports Standard, they will continue to improve the e-sports industry rules, focus on building event specifications, hardware specifications & technical specifications, and establish a comprehensive standardized e-sports system with related departments and official sports organizations.

Finally, in the context of “Release Your Potential”, Hou Miao sent an official invitation on behalf of Tencent e-Sports. Tencent e-Sport’s 2018 Annual Brand Conference and the Global e-Sports Leaders’ Summit will be held on 14th June. It will provide a more comprehensive and rich display of Tencent e-Sports as a sports industry as its core development plan. We welcome everyone to join us and compete with Tencent e-Sports to release your potential.

About Tencent e-Sports

Tencent e-Sports is China’s most competitive e-sports brand. The business of Tencent e-Sports began with TGA in 2010. The official brand was established on 9th December 2016 and is one of the members of Tencent Interactive Pan-Entertainment Group with Tencent Games, China Literature (Tencent Literature), Tencent Pictures, and Tencent Animation & Comics.

Tencent e-Sports will provide more support for the overall development of the e-sports industry in China from professional and comprehensive e-sports events, e-sports personnel training, e-sports framework construction, user value realization and business value mining.

About Tencent Interactive Entertainment:

Tencent Interactive Entertainment is the world’s leading integrated interactive entertainment service brand. It covers a total of five business platforms including Tencent Games, Tencent Animation & Comics, China Literature, Tencent Pictures, and Tencent e-Sport’s, providing users with diversified and high-quality interactions entertainment experiences including gaming, animation and comics, literature, film and television, and e-sports.

As a proponent and promoter of Pan-Entertainment, Tencent Interactive Entertainment aims to build a fan-economy based on celebrities’ intellectual property which in turn is based on the multi-domain symbiosis which itself is based on regular Internet channels as well as mobile Internet channels and work together with global partners to build an open, collaborative, and symbiotic environment. Let your imagination bloom with our pan-entertainment framework.

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