Inno Molding Company Limited Asserts The Accessibility Of Custom Plastic Injection Molding Parts

As one of the foremost injection molding enterprises in China, Inno Molding Company Limited has achieved a high degree of specialty in furnishing plastic injection molding services. The firm has earned and entrenched its goodwill by processing bulk orders for plastic molds and also manufacturing and prototyping complete products.

It surely won’t be out of place to assert the modern human civilization would come to a full stop without the availability of plastic injection molded components and products. To put that statement in perspective, infinite number of items used by individuals all over the world would not have been there in the first place if the technology needed to produce them had not been innovated. The very fact that injection molding fabrication technique finds application in different industrial sectors is concrete proof that the technology is incredibly versatile. Engineers, design professionals, technicians, and plastic injection mold suppliers exploit injection molding to the hilt as the technology provides some clear benefits.

Inno Molding Company Limited Asserts The Accessibility Of Custom Plastic Injection Molding Parts

Improved automation, heightened efficiency, and repeatability are some of the advantages that lead to designing of tailor made components with a limited amount of resources. Inno Molding is one of the pioneer plastic injection mold suppliers in China that optimally exploits plastic molding technology. This Shenzhen-based enterprise has garnered a lofty level of expertise in designing a myriad range of plastic components that find across-the-board applications in various industries. The enterprise takes advantage of injection molding technique for fabricating keyboards, chairs, toys, mobile phone covers, automotive gears, storage containers, combs, electronic equipment cabinets, and innumerable other things. Inno Molding also accepts and processes turnkey projects on behalf of corporate customers based in different countries all over the world.

The infrastructure for the plastic mold factory of Inno Molding Company Limited was set up over two decades ago. The entire factory is set in a total area that is more than 3,000 sq. meters that stocks the entire set of plastic molding machinery. A total of 120 employees make the most of the equipment for processing the orders received from the customers. Mold machine operators, toolmakers, product design and development professionals make up the employees.

As a prime custom plastic injection molding company in China, Inno Molding spares no effort in designing and producing molded components that are precisely as per specifications outlined by customers. In order to turn out such a mould, the firm reverts to the drawing board for designing an archetype or model. This Chinese company proceeds to manufacture the actual component based on the prototype. The total number of Chinese injection molding firms having a complete manufacturing infrastructure is very few in number and Inno Molding is definitely one of those select companies. The firm harnesses the modern-day software related to injection molding like CAD/CAM, AutoCAD, Master CAM, Mold Flow, UG, and Pro/e. Before embarking on a project outsourced by a client, the firm conducts DFM analysis followed by FMEA risk evaluation so that the mold prototype is precisely what the customer has ordered for.

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Inno Molding Company Limited is a leading Chinese firm that has involved in manufacturing plastic molded parts since 1996.

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