Should Traders trade in Exness Thailand?

Exness Thailand is the most popular forex broker in Thailand. And they are the market leader in term of trading volume also. There are around 40,000 traders search keyword Exness monthly. This is a huge number. Because Exness doesn’t advertise much in Thailand. Most of traders know Exness through their friends. It’s different from XM broker who exposure everywhere. In Exness recent report, there are around 46,000 active traders and 375$ billions monthly (March 2018). This trading volume is the highest trading volume of a retail forex broker. It’s even double the second position. Most of Exness clients are big clients who trade more than $10 millions monthly. They target to big traders only which it’s very clear in their strategy.

1. Exness targets Thai market

Thailand is always the biggest forex market in Asia. The activation rate and trading volume are very high. So, Exness does a lot of efforts to get more big traders in Thailand:

Exness integrates many Thai local payment systems that Thai traders can deposit and withdraw instantly without fee. They also can deposit easily by phone. There isn’t limitation in minimum deposit. They can deposit just 1$ and get their withdrawal fund within seconds. This is amazing effort to server Thai traders better.

– Exness organizes a dedicated team to support Thai traders. There are Thai sales, support, marketing and trainer team. So, Exness can serve Thai traders better in Thai. If you need any support, you can contact them in your mother language and get instant responses by web chat or call. All support are instant and free.

– Exness just open one training center in Thailand. This is the second training Center after Chinese one. Now, If you are new traders or if you just want to learn more, you can register to get training freely. Exness doesn’t charge any fee or asking for depositing. All are free and quality.

– There are yearly events to celebrate Thai traders. If you are in top traders, you will have the chance to participate in their big events and win many attractive prizes.

2. Exness offers the best trading conditions to Thai traders.

Exness strategy is different from other retail brokers. While other brokers target to new traders who easily open accounts by welcome bonuses, Exness targets to professional traders who care about trading conditions.

– Exness offers low spread for Thai traders.

You can enjoy zero spread for ECN account plus very low commission. Exness only charges 2.5$ commission for each ECN lot. This the lowest ECN charge commission.

For Mini and Classic accounts, they only charge from 0.1 pip per lot and no commission. This is extremely low spread that no broker can compete.

– Exness payment system is the best in Thailand

You can deposit and withdraw by instant payment system. Actually, Exness payment system in Thailand is perfect. You can deposit and withdraw by local and international methods. And all transactions will be executed automatically. So, you can get your fund within seconds. You even can deposit 1$ for testing their trading platform.

– Exness offers the highest leverage

Exness leverage is unlimited. So, they will charge you zero dollar margin for all transactions. This is pretty good because you will have more free margin to protect your positions from stopout. In order to apply unlimited leverage, you have to qualify these requirements: Equity is lower than 1000$. You opened more than 10 positions and traded more than 5 lot.

– Lower slipages and requotes.

Exness invested a lot of money to improve their server quality at end of 2016. And now, their server speed is the fastest. Because of good server, so they can reduce number of slippages and requotes also. Moreover, because of fast server, they can minimize ECN spread to nearly zero.

– You can trade more than 140 currency pairs and open 80 currency accounts. This is amazing trading conditions. You can trade most of currency pair you want. Moreover, you also can open gold, silver accounts which protect you from volatile market.

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