There Is Help For Resolving Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety is a debilitating condition that causes difficulty in everyday interactions. Though nearly everyone has some nervous reaction to stressful situations; meeting new people, delivering an important presentation for the first time, handling nervous reactions to large groups, etc. Social anxiety disorder goes a step further. It can vary in intensity, until everyday interactions are blown out of control.

Symptoms include:

1. Fear of judgement

2. Avoidance of being noticed

3. Fear of meeting new people

4. Feeling excessively unsure of others’ reactions

5. Avoiding eating in public, using a public restroom, going to school

6. Elevated heart rate, upset stomach, dizziness when in social situations

Risk Factors:

At risk individuals may be exposed to anxiety genetic or learned behaviour. Studies have not been able to verify if social anxiety is genetic, learned, or a combination of both. When examining the amygdala (part of the brain that may play a role in the fear response). An overactive amygdala may cause a higher fear response than normal, which can cause increased anxiety.

In the case arguing for environmental factors being the cause of social anxiety, the condition may be developed after exposure to the way others may behave in reaction to stressful situations. There also seems to be an association with the disorder with children who have grown up with more controlling or highly protective parents.

Additional Risk Factors:

1. Trauma (bullying, sexual abuse, physical trauma)

2. Temperament such as shyness can be aggravated by social situations

3. Physical conditions caused by diseases may be factors that cause overwhelming reactions, or stuttering, for example, can cause the individual to be embarrassed to be in front of others

4. Social expectations in front of others may make the individual over-react to normal stressors

We can help:

Both mind and body are factors that we take into consideration when treatment plans are developed for each of our clients. We include counselling for family or couples, as well as life coaching and cognitive behaviour therapy. Group therapy is available, as are meditation classes and psychotherapy.

Changes in nutrition or focusing on relieving allergies are important. There are also programs available including acupuncture, chiropractic care, reflexology, and massage therapy.

Our health center is committed:

Hundreds of lives are transformed daily, as clients are able to recover from the debilitating effects of Social Anxiety Disorder. Each of our clients is important and each is treated without judgement. Experts are available to help with healing.

About us:

We at HHC Centre have invested ourselves in the health and wellness of our patients. We provide Therapists and Counsellors, from psychotherapy counselling, parental coaching, individual and couples counselling and more. We also provide Holistic Practitioners to cover needs such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, yoga, holistic nutrition and more, all to assist the recovery of our patients become more healthy both mentally and physically. We are dedicated to bring hope back into the lives of our patients no matter what the condition of the patient may be when we meet.

Contact us online or by phone to set an appointment today. We’re ready to help you on the path of recovery. You can also visit our Facebook page.

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