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OTR Meals provides healthy meals that are delivered to straight to your front door. They are a food delivery company that saves people the hassle of cooking a meal themselves. Fast food delivery is similar to this, but with OTR Meals you are provided with a healthy alternative. According to Statistica, over 9 billion dollars have been spent on pizza delivery every year between 2004-2017 in the U.S. It’s time for the U.S to have a quick and healthy food delivery alternative!

All the meals are made with no GMO’s too! According to Brandongaille, at least 90% of the key agricultural crops that are sold in the United States have been genetically engineered in some way. The food also has no refined-sugar or salt added.

What kind of meals are available?

OTR Meals make balanced, low carb, and even vegan meals.

Balanced meal

They provide you with proteins, carbs, and vegetables that your body needs for a healthy lifestyle. They work to provide you with a new and different meal each day.

Low carb

OTR Meals have worked on creating meals with a lower carbohydrate intake. They still made sure to put essential nutrients that the body needs into the food.


The chefs at OTR have developed many meals that are vegan-friendly. The meals are nutritious and have a good sized portion in order to provide customers with a satisfying amount of food.

They also create meals that are personally customized by the customer; this allows for meals to have the customer’s preferred ingredients.


They work to deliver their meals from 4-9:30 pm. Meals are only delivered on Sunday and Wednesday.

Food variety

They make a variety of options. Some meal examples are Greek beef burgers, Tso chicken, lemon herb and jerk chicken, black pepper steak, firecracker salmon, and shrimp.

Vegan meals have options such as Greek black bean burgers, jerked tofu, garden salads, firecracker vegan nuggets, and lemon herb beefless ground.

Many health conditions are caused by unhealthy food. OTR also works to make sure that their customers know what to do when given the food. They provide guidelines and tips which will lead customers on a path to a healthier life.

About OTR Meals

OTR is a healthy food delivery company in Toronto. OTR wants to create healthy meals with nutrients and balanced calories. They work to make every customer’s meal suit their individual desires. They have created several meal plans in order to benefit every person who wishes to live a healthier lifestyle, whether a vegan or meat eater. They focus on quality and natural foods. OTR says that their secret ingredient is love.

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