Vitalion presents the innovative new portable electrolysis generator to enrich drinking water

Vitalion has announced the launch of the next generation of portable water bottles that come with innovative electrolysis generator, known to enrich any drinking water. The 3rd generator of hydrogen-rich water generator comes with a free bottle cleaning brush. While the 1st generation of this water bottle took 6 minutes to electrolyze the water, the new 3rd generation takes only 3 minutes to do that. The bottle is made of high-quality food grade glass material while the generator is composed of eco-friendly material and no BPA.

The hydrogen-rich water generator produces a high level of hydrogen molecules and reduces hydrogen ions. Hydrogen molecules are known to have a number of health benefits for both skin and body, due to its antioxidants and other properties. It also aids the healing process of the body and reduces constipation apart from providing other benefits for overall health. Ionized alkaline water also helps in restoring the body’s natural pH balance and promotes overall health. Using this bottle, the customer can instantly create antioxidant-rich, alkaline water anytime and anywhere.

Hydrogen molecule being the smallest and lightest molecule element can penetrate through the cells causing a reduction in free radicals and activation of antioxidants. The user can separate the water bottle from the electrolysis generator for easy cleaning and usage. Apart from the hydrogen-rich water generator bottles Vitalion also offers Fruit infuser water bottle that can be used to instantly flavor drinking water with fruit flavors. 

The fruit infuser water bottle features a unique design where the user can place a slice of their favorite fruit such as lemon, orange, peach etc. It is made of food grade quality plastic which is 100% BPA free, eco-friendly and durable. This water bottle is best for the lovers of lemon water as it allows them to access all the benefits it offers anytime and anywhere. Although lemon is acidic in its natural state, when it is metabolized in the body it becomes alkaline causing several benefits such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification. In less than a minute, the user can easily create their flavored water by using lemon or other fruits using this water bottle. This water bottle is available in a variety of colors including white, orange, pink, black, green etc.

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