Jcoin(JCO) the decentralized payment solution for car manufacturing and e-commerce industry launches their ICO

Jcoin(JCO) is the brand-new entry into the cryptocurrency world that provides a standard payment solution for the car manufacturing and e-commerce industry. The platform has recently launched their ICO on April 15th and it has received a good initial response from the investors. It’s a cryptocurrency ecosystem with several key products or functions such as the Jcoin(JCO) exchange, J-master card, and J-wallet. It is developed to revolutionize the car import/export and e-commerce payment systems.

The ongoing ICO offers 14,700,000 JCO, the official token of Jcoin, which has an exchange rate of 1 ETH=1500 JCO or 1 BTC= 20335 JCO. The ICO is composed of three rounds with each round offering one JCO token at a price of 0.40, 0.60 and 0.95 respectively. The ICO will end on July 1st, 2018. Jcoin uses the power of blockchain technology to bring decentralization into the car manufacturing and e-commerce industry. It will connect banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges to enable the users to use money globally. It’s a one of its kind car import/export payment solution that aims to provide a payment process and trade exchange between the car manufacturers and the rest of the world.

Jcoin(JCO) has realized that import and export businesses constantly need to make and receive overseas payments, which is why they are developing a financial ecosystem of insurance companies, service stations, banks and leasing companies etc. that will overcome the shortcomings of the traditional payment systems. This new decentralized payment solution will resolve problems like volatile exchange rates, slow and costly money transfer options by building a new type of relationship between cryptocurrency users around the globe for faster and easy payments.

Jcoin(JCO) Token will shorten the distance between buyers and sellers. In the long term, it aims to become a major token in funding and developing automobile applications and projects. Its vision is to become a token that is accepted as a payment for car manufacturers, car import/ export, e-commerce transactions for Amazon, Alibaba and other e-commerce giants. The customers can use the Jcoin visa/master card to pay for goods. Jcoin(JCO) is also planning to launch an e-commerce platform called jcoinshoping.com where the customers can use Jcoin to purchase goods, services, and other benefits.

Jcoin(JCO) has built a comprehensive platform and plugins for easy integrations into all major e-commerce apps and websites. They have also partnered with a number of e-commerce firms to present a global e-commerce blockchain platform that is secure, smart and easy to use. The plugins and E-commerce blockchain will be released after a successful ICO.

More information about Jcoin and the ongoing ICO can be found at jcointoken.info.  

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