Joe Patrina Launches Book on Defeating Breast Cancer Organically; No surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

April 24, 2018 – Joe Patrina is thrilled to announce the launch of his book, “Defeating Breast Cancer Organically; No surgery, chemotherapy or radiation”. The book which is written as a dependable alternative to the common cancer treatment methods is a protocol for self-healing. The author took an interest in this field as it became very pertinent he finds a solution to his wife’s condition. Joe eventually find answers to questions regarding Organic method of defeating breast cancer which greatly diffuses the fear-led decision-making currently driving cancer treatment choice.

The Organic method was discovered by Joe and Laura, a husband and wife team, when they met with traditional cancer doctors, put aside their fear, and decide to tackle Laura’s breast cancer organically – no surgery, radiation or chemo. Oriented by naturopath practitioners, they set a bold course amid pleas from friends and family to “stop screwing around and cut the tumors out!” The result was so great as described in the book. Cautiously, Joe and Laura allocate just 10 weeks to test these organic measures, and the tumors shrink by half within this short time.

“Defeating Breast Cancer – Organically” – a break-through assemblage of viewpoints and actions – finally offers an alternative way of staying healthy. And with knowledge as power, it greatly diffuses the fear-led decision-making currently driving cancer treatment choice. says the Author of the book.

In the next months, as their circle of medical experts expands, so does their understanding of the body’s biochemistry. The Self-Healing Protocol, as it becomes known, evolves, and the tumors shrink. At the one-year mark, no tumors are detected on the mammogram.

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After the treatment and recovery of Laura from breast cancer challenges, Joe intends to share this discovery with family members, peers, and other interested persons. Through this book, women, young and old will soon discover how this was achieved, all the information, and assuming preventative practices can be adopted. They will be aware of breast cancer’s rise; as well as having new knowledge and new solutions.

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