J.L. Smith’s Da Family: Loyalty Is Everything Available on Amazon

Book Is All About the World of Family and the Crime Industry

Bronx, NY – April 25, 2018 – Author J.L. Smith is promoting his new book on Amazon. The book is entitled Da Family: Loyalty Is Everything is a story based on true events. It is the first in the Da Family series that Smith is starting up.

17 Kings Entertainment is presenting the book. This is a new story from the group devoted to stories about life on the streets and the problems and issues that people in urban communities face regularly.

The story focuses on love and passion as it falls into a life of crime. The story is about Ramel, a man looking to show his love for Terry, a woman that he has been attracted to over the years. But as it turns out, Terry doesn’t have the same feelings that she used to.

Ramel’s cousins Justin and T-Bone are going through their own bits of drama. Their involvement in the world of crime is intense to where no one wants to try and test them. Ramel’s good friend Kevin is also trying to get through life with him, but it becomes very difficult to try and move forward without dealing with friends and women who are willing to leave them behind at a moment’s notice.

In his family and his world, Ramel knows that no one is safe. When someone gets crossed, everyone is at risk of harm.

The book is a story about family and how it makes a difference in one’s life. But it is all about loyalty above all else. When people are not loyal to one another in Ramel’s world, anyone’s days could be numbered. The fear that comes with Ramel’s world and what his family does is something that can tear anyone apart.

Da Family: Loyalty Is Everything is the first book in the Da Family series. The stories will focus all on the world of crime and the rough things that can happen as people try to get away from the troubling world.

The book is currently available for sale through Amazon. It can be ordered on Kindle or in a paperback form directly through Amazon.

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