Omega Zodiac releases an official song Raise! Fight!

This April Omega Zodiac has released an official song called Raise! Fight! Which players loved.The musician Kira Justice was invited to create the song using players’ suggestions and ideas. The final version reminiscences to the golden age of anime.

Raise! Fight! was translated into different languages by willing players from different countries. Omega Zodiac’s developer also adjusted the rhythm of the song to add it to the game and added an event in which the first player to find the song in the game will receive a very special reward.

 Omega Zodiac releases an official song Raise! Fight!

What is Omega Zodiac?

Omega Zodiac is an exciting new MMORPG that mixes Greek and Norse mythology, you are the guardian of the Athena Goddess, who protects the world against the forces of evil. You can join other players and fight along against the most fearsome monsters and villains. In addition, you can compete with other heroes and prove to the world that you are the most powerful, strong and capable.

The Goddess Athena has long been held as the pinnacle for wisdom and justice until Hades, god of the underworld assassinated Zeus, the supreme god. To destroy the peaceful world that Athena had created, Hades was interested in supporting a Pope of evil power from the Gold Zodiac, but under the summons of the ninth sense of the Cosmo, three warriors have dedicated themselves to help Athena.

Key Features

1. Exciting PVP and PVE Arenas 

2. Nine combo skills for each character, effective against different types of enemies

3. Beautiful Sacred Sets that combine 2D and 3D artwork

4. 15 Constellations, 5 for each character, with its own set of skills

5. Challenge specialized Sacred Set Dungeons to get elite items

6. Social features including Guilds and Guild Battles

7. Different kinds of bosses and hostile Gold Fighters to defeat.

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Since Omega Zodiac launched, it has been recommended by many influencers including Ei Nerd, Wendell Bezerra and Sidao do Game on Youtube and Facebook. The youtuber Wendell even invited the famous gamer Zangado to play Omega Zodiac and record a video together. It was a big success, and not only their subscribers but also lots of OZ players interacted with live. Thanks to this, the developer created a bunch of special events both in-game and on Facebook.

Omega Zodiac is available on Facebook and coming soon on other online gaming platforms. Just go to the official game page and start playing directly from your browser!

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