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“Velvetech LLC published a review of mobile application development costs for 2018”

Velvetech LLC – is a growing company that focuses on helping different organizations in growing their business and reach their full potential. Recently, Velvetech released a review of how much it would cost this 2018 to develop a mobile application. Their new solutions development team proves that their services are efficient when it comes to technical skills.

The App Store, as well as the Google Play Store, are celebrating their 10th anniversary this 2018. This proves that the mobile app community is rapidly growing. Both of these app stores are growing hundreds of apps daily. A few years or decades from now, this number will surely increase. This is how important mobile applications are.

But is it time to start investing in Mobile Apps Development? According to Velvetech, before you enter this industry, get your mobile app budget ready. Do not be surprised but for other mobile app-development companies, one app can cost $10,000 up to $500,000. It may sound a bit too much but there’s a reason for that.


Budgeting for a mobile app development has different phases. Each of this phase will be taking a part of your app development budget. The Business Analytics will take up 10%, the Design and Prototype will have 15%, while the Project Management like the App Coding can cost another 15% of the budget. The Development and Quality Assurance will take the biggest percentage which is 60% of your total mobile app development budget.

Adding more Features to your mobile application will cost you more as well. Most of the applications that we can find at the App Store or the Google Play Store comes with features that every app users love. Remember that the more functionality, the steeper the cost is.

* UI Optimization for Tablets. According to surveys, 80% to 90% of the population owns a Tablet. When your app is helpful, it becomes popular. When it is popular, users would want to bring it anywhere they go.
* Modes (Landscape or Portrait). This is a major feature for smartphone users. Adding this to your app budget will have an increase of 30%.
* Optimized For Any Mobile Device. If you want the world to know about your app, any type of mobile phone should be able to download it, no matter what the OS or the model or version is.
* Offline Mode. Not everyone has an access to the internet. Your application should have cache algorithms for a better user experience.
* Push Notifications. This is often used by companies for new updates, subscriptions or new episodes, and so on.
* Implementing A User Profile. This is very common for social media apps, but for a cost.
* Support Different Languages. If you are aiming to reach out to users across the world, it should support different languages.
* Chat Feature. This is one of the most important feature of a mobile app. This is why Apps for chats like the Messenger or WhatsApp Messenger are very successful.

On their review, Velvetech shared helpful ways to cut the development cost. According to, you can use other frameworks to develop your app. You can also start with an MVP. It can be daunting because of the upfront test, but this is the best way to help you develop your plan for the app development budget for you full-featured version.

Velvetech LLC is your only source for solutions. With Velvetech, they can help you develop a mobile app for as low as $4,000 up to $120,000. Always consider the features to prevent going over your budget. Do not get overwhelmed by the project. They have the experts who can help your business grow at your pace and at your budget.

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