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“The inspiration behind SUREswivel™ was our two year old Bengal Cat named Taz, and we created the SUREswivel™ to allow him outside play time while keeping him as safe as possible!”
SUREswivel™ is a revolutionary 360-degree swiveling tie-out for tethering your pets that is truly tangle free. When you use the SUREswivel™ your tether will not wrap up on the base or twist up and break. SUREswivel is suitable for use with pets large or small. It is great for portable applications like camping, RVing, or use in the front yard.

The SUREswivel is produced by a local Yuba City company to help pet owners keep their four-legged friends safe and secure when traveling. The idea came from the lack of any safe pet tethering options currently on the market. As more people are introduced to this safe and secure pet tethering option, they are finding more uses for it beyond just dogs. We have received reports of some using their SUREswivel for all kinds of animals including goats, horses, cats, and even tigers! 

The SUREswivel is a safe, tangle-free pet tethering system that mounts securely to the ground using military-style tent stakes. Rated to hold up to 1,000 lbs, this product is the strongest option on the market today. It has been tested in stable ground to securely hold 1000 lbs. of pull force when installed with the included anchor stakes. The anchor stakes have a spiraled shaft design that provide three times the holding strength of a standard stake and firmly hold the base in place when used in stable soil. And the attractive tactical black color makes for a stylish option that never goes out of season. 

Why would you leave your pet at home locked in a crate, house or yard, when you could take them with you worry free? With the SUREswivel, you can safely bring your pet camping, hunting, fishing or hiking with you! Imagine a day at the beach with Fido able to roam the sand to the end of his tether with you instead of simply watching the clock tick by while you’re out having fun. Pets need to be with their pack, their family, to stay healthy both mentally and physically. Never be forced to leave them home again! 

When the company was started, the SUREswivel sold almost entirely local to the northern California region, but now has expanded into several online sales outlets such as and Everything from product design conception to manufacturing for the SUREswivel has taken place in California, with no plans to move the operation any time soon so you can expect them to continue turning out quality products made by quality Californians. The next release from the SUREswivel brand will be a high end fiberglass cat litter box and cat scoop, aptly named the SUREloo litter box. These will come in multiple styles, including large, extra large, and corner shapes.

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