Introducing ZAN Coin – A bold, innovative way to get paid fast, to invest and participate in software development and sales. ZAN Coin, has the goal of bringing together IT consultant and development to improve how these two areas work. ZAN Coin will work on an Ethereum-based platform and will enable people to pay faster and to work in a better way to reach optimized results. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to buy ZAN Coin at an attractive price! The ICO will commence in May 15, 2018.

What is ZAN Coin?

The concept behind ZAN Coin was created when the team of freelance developers faced issues with payments and keeping everybody on the same page. This led to the idea of ZAN Coin, a new way to pay faster, work better, and get everyone involved in the success. The team at ZAN Coin consists of IT experts and motivated individuals who are dedicated to the development of ZAN Coin.

ZAN Coin features three notable characteristics:

– Speed (Payments are made very fast, and tax issues are tackled)

– Motivation (People can keep the coin as an investment)

– Quality of products (When developers are motivated, the quality of products significantly increases)

Benefits of ZAN Coin

Value Integrity

The value of ZAN Coin is directly determined by its demand. There is no price manipulation, inflation, or hidden costs.


Payments are quick and secure without costly transaction fees, or unfavourable exchange rates.


ZAN Coin believes that when developers are paid in proportion to the success of the company, they will be motivated to improve the quality of the products.

Why choose ZAN Coin?

With cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin on the market, why should I invest in ZAN Coin?

Following each sale, ZAN Coin will split the earnings 50-50, with half of the proceeds going towards future developments, reinvestments, and salaries, and the other half directly to their investors and developers in the form of ZAN Coins on a monthly basis.

ZAN Coin also offers a buy-back option, which in essence, is a way to pay dividends by repurchasing the coins from the open market. The Buy-Back option is also a way to keep the coin circulating and protect its growth. ZAN Coin produces software solutions that are sold separately to a large number of customers. Each sale generates income which will be converted to ZAN coins by buying them from the current holders or using our reserves. The total income will then be separated by 50% for the company and 50% for the token holders respectively. This would generate a passive income for those holders who helped boost our development and business.

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