Housing Coin, the new cryptocurrency aims to revolutionize the real estate industry

Bringing the power of blockchain technology is the newly launched cryptocurrency called Housing Coin. It is aimed at revolutionizing the real-estate industry by implementing decentralization, data security and theft protection like never before in this industry. Being based on the blockchain technology means it is not regulated or controlled by any third party or government and provides its users the full control to do trading and transactions at more competitive price than the traditional ways to dealing in real-estate. Housing Coin is also listed on coinexchange.io now.

So far, there are 113 M Housing Coin that are created. Through the power of this coin, the founders are developing a marketplace with Housing Coin as one of the major payment options. Once implemented, the users will be able to pay the listing fee and other property related fees in Housing Coin. But first, the founders are creating payment modules for popular CMS systems so that everyone can easily use it. The payment modules are created for online webshops and under this project, it will be first made available to a small group of webshops for testing purpose.  Once the plugin works successfully, it will be made available for all WordPress webshops.

All kinds of WordPress based webshops will be able to use and provide their customers with this new crypto-based payment option. This will also promote the project and create more awareness about the new payment option among the people. After the initial phase is successful, the project will then proceed towards developing a crypto-based real estate platform for all. In the second quarter, Housing Coin will also release their MAC wallet.  In the long term, the founders are also planning to create a marketplace of Housing.com.

More information about Housing coin can be found on housingcoin.com.

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