It is Spring (Allergy) Season for the Family and (Canine) Best Friend

USA – For many, Spring represents a New Beginning. A GoodBye to the Cold, Darkness and Claustrophobia-ness of Winter and Hello to Spring’s New Growth of Nature. But while some Celebrate the coming of Spring with Happiness and Joy, there are some of Us who Do Not.

What? How can this Be? Who can be Sad about Fresh Green Grass, beautiful colorful Flowers and Budding Trees? Well, for 15% of Today’s population, the arrival of Spring means just One Thing, Allergies. Those Itchy Eyes, Nasal Congestion, runny nose, constant Sneezing and Brain Numbing Allergies!

But what many of Us do not know, is that approximately 15% of our Best Friends also suffer from Allergies to the Same Grass, Tree, Weed Pollens, Dust Mites and Molds as We Do. Namely, our Canine Best Friends i.e. our Dogs.

In fact, 70+% of our Allergy Dogs suffer from Allergy to these very same Environmental Allergy Sources.

But while Us Humans manifest our Allergies ala our Achoo / Respiratory. With our Allergy Dogs, it is All about the (Itchy) Skin!

And while an Itchy Dog may not spark an immediate need for a Pat Parents Rush to the DVM! After all, that’s what Dog’s do, they Itch, Maybe a DVM visit may be worth considering. Here’s Why?

When You look to the Major, most frequently DVM Health Issues treated Health Conditions in our Dogs, consistently in the Top Group are the “Allergy Driven” Health Issues / Manifestations of Skin & Paw Trauma caused by constant Itching, Gunky Ears, Bacteria & Yeast Issues, Skin Infection and Hot Spots.

But while our DVM’s can / do a competent job treating these Issues, we all know, that unless we plan to make continual visits to the DVM, it is necessary to “Turn Off” the Source of Allergy Itch.

But here comes the Good News / Bad News. Yes, our DVM’s can treat these issues and Do have Pharma which does “Stop the Itch”. The Bad News, is that Pharma Stops the Itch by Fooling the Animal’s Body into Believing that there is No Itch i.e. Mask Symptoms. Unfortunately, this leaves the Immune Source of Allergy Disease / Fire Intact, only to Burn Brighter & Hotter with everyday.

Responding to this Suffering Canine Population, is a Product developed by Healthy GOO, a Canine Health Company Healthy GOO, which is named Doggy GOO.

But do not be Fooled by Doggy GOO’s Cute & Playful name. Why? Because just as Us Humans go to an Allergist for our Allergies, so too, our Canine Allergy Suffers go to their Allergy Specialist, called a Veterinary Dermatologist / Allergist. And it is to the Allergy Expertise of this Canine Medical Specialist that Doggy GOO’s Formulation was made.

In fact, Doggy GOO’s / DVM Allergist formulation targets / Fights the “Source” of Allergy Disease from the Immune system Inside > Out!


By Leveraging the Natural Adaptive Power of the Immune System, to heighten “Internal” immune Tolerance to 15 Major Enviro Allergy Sources, over a modest 90 Day Duration, “External” Allergy Symptoms are increasing Mitigated, (dare we say) are eventually No Longer Triggered.

Best of All, Doggy GOO makes Fighting Itchy Enviro Allergies Fun! A 100% Natural, GOO-Licious Peanut Butter Fun Treat for your Dog. And Fun for You to See them Happy and Healthy.

So if You wish to Help Your Itchy Allergy Sad Dog, and also wish to Save $10.00, You are invited to visit

Read All about Doggy GOO, its Allergy Fighting Strategy, along with its many Pet Parent Testimonials.

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Or if You have Any GOO Questions, GOO can be reached via telephone at (855) 246–2426 or via email to

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