Read The Entrepreneurial Success Story of This Ontario Based Couple Who Owns a Moving Business

Moving to a new location can be quite a daunting task and that is not just because of the new people and new place. It is mostly because of all the things that you need to tag along to a new location. First comes the hassle of packing all of the stuff and then comes the stress of finding the right people to help you take your stuff across. Besides, while your things are on the way, you are constantly hoping and praying that the movers have kept it all safely and you find everything in one shape when you open the boxes. In such a condition, finding good packers and movers to trust can be truly a task to accomplish.

This is exactly what Jane thought when Majid came to her office on one fine day in 1999. She was working in the capacity of property manager for a storage company back then and Majid had a company of movers. When he asked if he could leave his card with her so that she can engage in a bit of promotion for his company, she almost refused him. Jane told him that, being an unknown company to her, promotions can only be possible if Majid can show his credibility. Majid indeed brought forth ten of customers who simply raved about the work that he does.

Coming to the present times, Jane and Majid are now married and jointly own the company AM Ontario Moving & Storage Inc. It is your one-stop destination for all your packing, moving and storage needs. Besides the common services of residential moving, commercial moving, and long distance moving, the company is also engaged junk removal and packing services.

To have a better idea of how they can be of help to you, let’s look at the top qualities that you look for in any packing and moving services, and how Am Ontario moving and storage fares in those criteria.

Reliable and trustworthy staff

You are handing over the valuables of your home or office on the hands of the staff of the company. You need people whom you can trust to not break your fragile items or lose your priceless possessions. Getting trained professionals can go a long way in helping you to make that smooth transition from one location to another. The moving staff of Am Ontario Moving and Storage Company goes through extensive training and screening process. The staff of the company is well-trained along with hands-on experience which makes them great at what they do.

Communication and interaction

Interaction with the packers and movers is one of the most significant aspects of the process. As a client, you need to be in loop not just to know where your package has reached but also for your peace of mind. Am Ontario moving and storage never overlooks the aspect of good communication. The client is informed of the timing, arrivals, and on the way glitches, if any. It also shows the transparency that the company maintains in its business.

The Rave reviews

The reviews can tell you a lot about the company work. If you look into the website or other such forums about a company and read into what people are saying about the business, it gives you a fair idea about the business. The ten customers that Majidhad brought forward have turned to hundreds now and the numbers are steadily growing. You can go through the reviews of the company and that will give you an inkling of how much of a trust the clients of the company have over them.

The discounts and affordability

Of course, discounts are not the first thing that you look for in a company, but they sure are a big perk. After all, affordability never hurts anybody and given the fact that you already have enough expenditures to meet in moving to a new location. The company offers lucrative discounts on moving boxes and quality storage making them the choice for all of the clients.

A company that ticks all the boxes surely ranks high on the priority list of the clients. Am Ontario moving and storage currently operates within all the prime locations of the country. They are here to make packing and moving as easy as a breeze for all their clients.

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