Shanghai Metal Corporation Supplies Different Kinds Of Copper Related Metallic Products Used In The Infrastructure Sector Widely

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading business farm in China that manufactures different kinds of industrial spares and components widely used in the infrastructure sector.

The economic growth of any country is heavily influenced by its infrastructure. A robust infrastructure is a must for any nation to progress consistently. There are a plethora of products that fall under various commercial and industrial sectors, and it is those products which constitute the core segments of the infrastructure. Machinery, construction materials, shipments and containers, and metallic products are duly acknowledged to form the most significant business infrastructural divisions. Each of the core sectors reflects a wide selection of components and products. For instance; standard container, storage container, equipment container, reefer, container housing and offshore container are grouped under the sub-category of containers. Shanghai Metal Corporation is a specialist manufacturer that produces a virtually infinite number of infrastructural products including copper foil fins.

Shanghai Metal Corporation Supplies Different Kinds Of Copper Related Metallic Products Used In The Infrastructure Sector Widely

The company is an established player in this field and has been actively engaged in making many industrial parts; such as aluminium accessories, copper components, stainless steel products, storage racks, electrical cables, forming machines, etc. The numerous copper products manufactured by them include copper foil cable, brass and copper coil, copper tape, strips of copper, brass and copper bars, copper rods, brass and copper sheets, and also copper foils. The last one is available for different grades (C1020, C1100, C1220, etc.) and various thickness (0.018 millimeters to 1.2 millimeters). The foils’ width may go up to as much as four hundred millimeters. These copper-made foils are comprehensively used in communication cables, electrical switches, cable armoring, ion battery production lamination with PI film, lead frames,  boards for feature phones and smartphones, PCB field and collector materials and also in apparel accessories.

The copper foil is packed and labeled according to the standing instructions of the clients. Shanghai Metal Corporation always makes sure that all their products including these copper foils do not get damaged during transit or when kept in a warehouse. The company never forgets to double-check the product labels that are glued to the exteriors of their packages for prompt and easy identification.

The industrial manufacturer is also a veteran for churning out copper tapes. Copper tape belongs to the sub-class of brass and copper coil/tape/strip, which is mentioned in the parent category of copper products. Three distinct grades (C1020, C1110, C1220) of copper tapes are available, with thickness and width ranging from 0.15 millimeter to 3.0 millimeters and from eight millimeters to six hundred and ten millimeters. The copper tapes are widely used in traction motors, commutators, earthing, railway electrification, switchgear, electrical components, connectors, panel boards and electrical contacts.

About Shanghai Metal Corporation:

Shanghai Metal Corporation has over thirty years of diverse experience in bulk manufacturing of different industrial components that are extensively used in various core business sectors. Aluminium products, copper accessories, stainless steel components, forming machines, storage racks and electrical cables are some of the typical products that constitute their portfolio.

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