PegaTrade launches a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker with top-notch features

PegaTrade has launched a stunning cryptocurrency portfolio manager for free, which is capable of automatically importing all the trades from various exchanges.

25 Apr, 2018 – Phoenix, AZ – PegaTrade, a brand new company, has now released a Beta version of their app that solves one of the most common issues faced by the crypto traders.These days, it is a tedious job for the crypto traders to keep a track of the money they have lost or gained while trading with cryptocurrencies. The reason behind it is that most of the exchanges will not provide the exact details about the money earned or lost for each trading activity. Even though there are many apps available to perform the activity of calculating profit or loss, PegaTrade is a class apart, as it can import the trades from various exchanges, shows what they are holding, profit or loss and what they have sold in a simple and user-friendly interface.

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PegaTrade has introduced the cryptocurrency portfolio manager loaded with several useful features to help the crypto traders import or add all their trades from different exchanges, such as Binance, GDax, Kraken, BitTrex, and etc. with the help of CSV and API files. It saves the traders from entering their trading details manually. As soon as the importing process gets complete, PegaTrade will display their profit or Loss in different currencies like ETH, BTC, EUR, USD and so on. The traders of crypto currency can also share their portfolio with their connections and contacts when required using the Share Your Portfolio feature.

Other features of PegaTrade includes Market Research, Crypto Community, and viewing other’s live portfolio. This helps users get ideas about which coins they can choose for their next investment. The crypto traders can also create several portfolios to have their coins organized along with a well-planned structure.

Using the Import / Sync trades feature, the PegaTradeusers will be able to have their updated trades imported at the button’s click. The crypto traders can set up the read-only access API for once and avail the service for free. The Research section lets the traders get the latest news, prices of coins, and details of what other traders are holding or buying and what’s hot. It is a secure choice for all crypto traders, as the PegaTrade app is encrypted to maintain confidential user information.

About PegaTrade

PegaTrade is a newly established company that has introduced the beta version of their cryptocurrency portfolio manager app with several useful features to help the crypto traders for importing their crypto holdings from various exchanges, set up different portfolios and track their profits and losses ina simple interface.

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