Andrito presents gender neutral clothing for babies, on a limited period sale

Andrito is a one of its kind clothing brand that offers gender-neutral clothing for babies which are currently available at a discounted price through this limited period sale. While the kids clothing market is filled with gender-specific clothing where most of the boy’s clothes come with silly captions and girls clothing are covered in glitter, Andrito decided to break this stereotype by offering neutral clothing for babies. Unlike the brands that provide ‘fancy’ kids clothing with over the top designs, made of uncomfortable fabrics that hurt the baby’s delicate skin, Andrito offers stylish yet comfortable clothing that can be worn by both baby girls and boys.

Most parents spend a lot of money on shopping for baby clothes but as the kids grow up, all these clothes hang around with no further use. Andrito’s gender-neutral approach to kids clothing allows the parents to use those clothes for the next baby or to give someone in need, regardless of their gender. This saves parents hundreds of dollars on baby clothes. If the parents have two kids of different gender, they can use Andrito baby clothing for both. Andrito makes practical clothing that can be used just as easily for the first child as the fourth.

Andrito’s online store features a user-friendly interface allowing the parents to browse and shop with ease. The customers can find gender neutral clothing for kids of age ranging from newborn to 36 Months old. They can search for clothing as well as accessories such as socks, hats, and shoes, based on the age of their kids. The brand features clothing sets, shirts, bottoms, onesies, jackets, pajamas, rompers & jumpsuits and more for tiny toddlers. Some of the items available on the website include the ‘The Love’ jumpsuit made from cotton & polyester, ‘The Vegas’ onesie made from cotton and ‘The Quest’ rainbow printed hoodie made from cotton & polyester.

Apart from clothing, the online store features accessories like ‘The Nat’ supersoft blanket. It is a stretchy, knit wrap blanket for newborns that keeps them swaddled nice and tight. Made of breathable fabric, this blanket keeps the baby warm and cozy. A collection of unique baby toys and other accessories can also be found in the Miscellaneous section.

The brand name Andrito is derived from the words Androgynous, which means “having characteristics of both male and female,” and ‘-ito’ which is the Spanish diminutive that indicates smallness or affection. The brand’s mission is to provide the customers with trendy, durable and gender-neutral baby clothing at great prices.

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