Kurecoin, the new cryptocurrency with PoS algorithm launches their ICO

Kurecoin is the newly launched decentralized cryptocurrency in the market that has recently launched their ICO on April 1st, 2018. Based on the Proof of Stake algorithm (PoS), it offers the entire cryptocurrency community a seamless and secured mode of transaction for investors within the KurecoinHub ecosystem and other major exchanges. The ICO will last for 100 days and the token sale will be in four stages, each with different amount of bonus.

In phase 1, the investors will get 20% bonus by purchasing the KRC token and the subsequent phase 2, phase 3 and phase 4 will have 15%, 10% and 5% of bonus. In addition, the referral program offers 10% of the total token purchase to the users when they use the referral link.

Kurecoin aims to build a strong community of users by the end of 2018 and allows seamless exchange of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on KureCoin Exchange. It also enables periodic profit sharing from Kurecoin bank and Kurecoin exchange to the coin holders. The use of Proof of Stake mining also ensures the security of the blockchain.

Kurecoin also strives to solve the challenges related to banking, trading, and exchange faced by the rapidly growing cryptocurrency users around the globe. The low maximum supply coupled with the KRC utility token is expected to kick off inflation from the ecosystem but at the same time, welcome a healthy growth and better valuation of the coin. The coin is backed by a team of expert professionals and a systematic corporate culture where no more than 15% of the resources are allocated to the maintenance of current operational activities and the rest of the resources are deployed into research and development of a new stack of technologies.

Kurecoin provides a platform called the KurecoinHub, for financial activities in both cryptocurrency and fiat. The platform also offers collateral free loans in fiat currency to the users that bank their assets on the platform, and get periodic dividends from it. The Kure exchange on the other hand, overcomes the complexities of the conventional exchanges by offering a platform that is easy to use for both seasoned and newbie traders. Being based in Africa, the goal of Kure Exchange is to house as many cryptocurrencies as much as possible from Africa and beyond.

Another feature of Kurecoin is Kure Pay option which is a complete payment solution that includes an E-wallet, payment gateway and a debit/credit card. Unlike the other platforms where the payment options are listed on websites and the wallet addresses are displayed on such website, the Kure Pay wallet is embedded in one platform so that the merchants are not exposed to the risk of displaying their wallet addresses publicly. Additionally, the KurePAY card can be used anywhere in the world.

More information about Kurecoin and the ongoing ICO can be found at Kurecoinhub.io

Telegram: t.me/kurecoinhub

Twitter: twitter.com/KureCoinHub

In case of any queries, drop a message to info@kurecoinhub.io.

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