‘Touch’ is here to revolutionize the way people use social media platforms through the power of blockchain technology

‘Touch’ is here to bring a brand-new revolution in the world of social media by building a social media application that will be focused on maintaining full transparency and complete privacy of the user. It uses the power of blockchain technology to create a decentralized network that will overcome the shortcomings offered by the traditional social media platforms.

Touch is one of its kind social media platforms that will have advanced features to avoid any risks of data misuse. It also strives to enhance the user experience by eliminating third-party push advertising and encourages advertising opportunities for small businesses and independent artists. Unlike most of the other social media platforms with pre-set algorithms that disadvantage influencers, Touch features unique algorithms that work in favor of the users.

Touch is created with an aim to empower the social media users by giving them autonomous control over their data. It will allow the users to own their data, with an option to lease their data for profit. The ecosystem within Touch enables complete flexibility over use and distribution of user’s data to maintain full privacy of the user. It also features pull-based advertising driven by the user for the consumer which means ads will be generated by the user, for the user. The proof of intent program enables the user to compete with monopolies and mainstream brands, therefore, providing an opportunity to the smaller businesses to attract customers.

Touch is backed by the TST (Touch Spot Tokens) and interestingly the user can earn these tokens by making a positive interaction with a friend. It allows people to earn the ‘tokenized value’ of transactions on social media so that the user can get paid for the content they produce. Being a truly decentralized platform, Touch ensures that user’s data is secure and free from any exploitation or invasive action.

The first token sale of Touch was launched on 20th April 2018 for 10% of total tokens. More information about the ICO and the platform can be found at touchsocial.io.  

In case of any queries, drop a message to contact@datarevolution.co

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