The Advantages of Adopting the Lionchain platform

Many years ago, the internet was created, and with it came endless possibilities and diverse opportunities. People and businesses seized these opportunities for various reasons. Developers also had a field day, as they toiled hard, trying to make the internet better, and they were successful, as they were able to come up with brilliant innovations needed to help us in our daily living.

One of the major breakthroughs was the creation of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The blockchain technology paved the way for many other blockchain based innovations that are being used to tackle different problems. One of such blockchain based cryptocurrency is the Lionchain.

The Lionchain is a blockchain technology-based open source and peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that is a solution for the storage and investment of wealth. The Lionchain comes with a lot of advantages that make it better than most other cryptocurrencies, these advantages include: 

  • As with every system, safety is very important and should not be treated with levity. The Lionchain system has created wallets with special addresses and has also included replay protection. These security features were added to ensure that both the users and their coins are safe from theft and malicious attacks.
  • Different blockchain networks can connect and interact with each other, using their different protocols. The system is created such that it is fully compatible with the popular blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin.
  • Lionchain uses Smart Contracts plus Artificial Intelligence to make ensure all nodes receive their fair rewards by transferring their contributions to the Lionchain platform and oversee the nodes to ensure they do not have any type of authority over policies that are connected with the distribution.
  • Private blockchains including banks, hospitals, security firms, and universities etc. can connect with each other, by using Lionchain’s online ledger. 3rd parties are not involved.
  • Users on the Lionchain platform can have Blockchain IDs issued by Smart Contracts, which will function as a means to verify every transaction involving all cryptocurrencies.
  • Lionchain is based on its own blockchain rather than using alternative types of framework and the platform is also not being operated on private databases or centralized closed sources.
  • Lionchain is in possession of some similar features with other cryptocurrencies like peer-to-peer decentralization, military-grade cryptography, and pseudo-anonymity.
  • The Lionchain framework functions as a bridge between the crypto community and banks.
  • Redeeming or issuing Lionchain LNC will not possess any pricing restrictions or liquidity. Users will have the ability do purchases with whatever amount of Lionchain LNC they want, without experiencing any form of delays and at low fees.
  • Wallets, users, and traders can be integrated into Lionchain, just like other cryptocurrencies can be integrated into the system.
  • There is the management and security of user assets through crypto processes, inclusive of the use of multi-sig.
  • There is a reduction in transaction cost and time, and this is because financial institutions are boycotted.

These are some advantages to show how essential the adoption and integration of Lionchain into any business model.

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