Yourfreeworld launches the all-new ICO script v2.0 with ERC20 smart contract

After the success of the first version of the ICO script, has now announced the launch of their new ICO script v2.0 that comes with ERC20 smart contract. With cryptocurrency revolutionizing the world economy, the developers at, one of the leading script providers have realized the need for cryptocurrency based scripts to stay up to date with the advancing technology. The version 2.0 is released to embed the cutting edge ERC20 smart contract and other features into the ICO script.

The new version will have the ERC20 contract that will allow anyone who purchases the tokens, to instantly credit them onto their account. Much like the previous version, this new ICO script will have no limit to the token value that the user offers and they will also have full control to change the price per token. The user can set up the maximum and minimum token investment someone can make, offer tokens as a bonus on a periodic basis whenever someone invests in tokens, set up unlimited levels, deep level bonuses and more.

Using the ICO script, the user will have the option to refer someone, purchase the token and get cash as well as tokens in return. They can choose from regular/SMTP emailing system and select from two captcha types i.e. regular or google recaptcha. The new script will have additional features like instant credit to the user account who purchases the tokens, creation of ERC20 contract for a user with name, price and no. of tokens as well as an option to update the token price periodically as per the requirements. They can also choose the ‘deposit mode’ where the client can deposit funds first before purchasing the tokens.

This new update will also allow the users to earn better profits and returns on investment as it enables simpler and faster user experience as compared to other scripts in the market. The ICO script v2.0 comes with easy to follow instructions for the Admin control panel so that the developer can set up their program conveniently. They can also set up unlimited levels of deep referral bonuses, define the accepted cryptocurrency for payments, set up the minimum payout and deposit fee to cover transaction charges and more. The script supports 2 different wallets: Cash wallet for withdrawal balance or coins wallet for coins balance.

The developers can also set up the script to e-mail all members as well as view/edit/delete members. They can accept cryptocurrency via coinPayments and add 5 more merchant gateways of their choice. The updated version of ICO also has a lot of other features to offer and more information about the same can be found at

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