Podgar.io, first blockchain based game that allows the user to earn Ether with their game skill

Podgar.io is the one of its kind online game that uses the power of blockchain and smart contract technology, enabling the users to earn Ether with their game skills. It’s an interesting game, developed by EasyLoot where the user can absorb enemies to gain their Ethereum. To play the game, the user needs to put a small amount of Ethereum on the map and get going. This game is best suited or those who like online skill games or investment games like cryptokitties etc.

While blockchain is revolutionizing the world economy, it is also bringing a new era of Blockchain gaming or Dapps (Decentralised applications), which is more transparent, honest and interesting. What’s more, a game like Podgar.io also allows the user to earn in ETH while enjoying an interesting online game. At present, the game can be played in Ether but with the developers’ constant enthusiasm towards revolutionizing the online gaming world, it may soon be played for LOOT tokens in the near future.

Podgar.io features a fair and interesting gameplay where the players cannot cheat, buy advantages or abuse. To play the game, the user will have to install the Metamask Extension then go to Podgar and deposit ETH. Once the user is all set for the game, their aim will be to grow bigger by eating the dots on the screen or other players. They should focus on eating the smaller opponents and run from bigger ones or they could get eaten themselves. You get enemie’s Ether when you eat them. The ball movements can be controlled with a mouse.

Another interesting feature of the game is the skins marketplace. The players can purchase skins to use in the game or resell in the market at a higher price. There are 4 types of skins available in the game; Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Each player has to fight against other players and by doing well in the game they can receive instant payouts. The ultimate goal is to eat other cells stay on the map and avoid getting eaten by them to get their ETH and mass. More information about the game can be found at podgar.io.

Medium: https://medium.com/@easyloot/the-new-dapp-era-of-podgar-io-f85d43b8804e

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