AmigoCoin brings a complete cryptocurrency rewards solution by combining all loyalty programs and points in one virtual currency

AmigoCoin is the latest entry into the cryptocurrency world that is designed to enable anyone to easily access blockchain tools for their business. It’s a genuine ICO cryptocurrency regulated by the Bank of England Prudential that presents a comprehensive cryptocurrency rewards solution by uniting all the loyalty programs and points into one virtual currency. It will also allow the users to mine coins by simply buying everyday items which will be stored in their Amigo wallet.

AmigoCoin is here to revolutionize the way people use blockchain enabled solutions for their businesses by offering them powerful analytics and AI tools, more efficient operations and access to new markets. Using AmigoCoin, the users can redeem rewards, make online purchases, send money, pay utility bills or simply convert it to cash. Even the retail merchants can issue their own branded blockchain rewards by sending their discount promo tokens directly to customer’s wallet. Using this reward system, the businesses can gain loyal customers while the customers can enjoy exciting discounts on various products and services.

AmigoCoin aims to provide a next-generation token exchange that allows the consumers, brands, retailers and associated organizations to work together for creating a safer and smarter way for them to shop and share information about products in the market. One of the major goals of AmigoCoin is to use the power of blockchain technology to develop the world’s largest, trusted global product database that can be accessed by brands and users to add, review and verify information about products available in the market.

It will also provide the full right to audit and trace the supply chain to the customers, retailers, brands, distributors, certification and governing bodies so that they can validate whether any given product is safe, authentic and meets their standards. Unlike several other consumer platforms, AmigoCoin empowers the consumers to easily access the quality, authenticity, and suitability of the products they wish to purchase. It also enables the brands, retailers and associated organizations to encourage the customers to engage with them in a non-disruptive manner. The AmigoCoin Ecosystem enables the users to trade on Amigo tokens with one another and also exchange them for goods and services from different merchants.

The official ICO of AmigoCoin began on 1st February 2018 and it will last till 21st, December 2018. A total of 500 AMG (official token of AmigoCoin) will be offered at a price of $0.50 in the initial and ongoing phase of the ICO.

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