Leading Jewellery Maker Presents Memorable Gifts for Clients

Bedfordshire, UK – The perfect gift can make even the worst situation better especially when remembering a deceased loved one. Finding an appropriate gift can be a difficult process and can take a long time to find. One of the most classic and beautiful gift ideas is jewellery. The most special jewellery to give is one filled with precious memories. Memorial pieces are unique, personal and perfectly attuned to the situation. Footprints and Whispers has numerous types of memorial jewellery at https://www.footprintsandwhispers.co.uk/shop/21-for-her and https://www.footprintsandwhispers.co.uk/shop/28-rings.

They are a family run company with the aim of creating pieces that help commemorate loved ones who have passed on. They specialise in personalised and hand-crafted jewellery to meet any requirements. This also includes their ashes to jewellery UK and ashes into rings which entails putting a small amount of cremated remains into a ring, bracelet, earring or a pendant. Your mind can be at ease that your loved one is being treated with kindness and respect as honest and courteous artists handle them with care. Footprints and Whispers wants to make sure each of their clients keep their loved ones close, and their memories closer.

Having a keepsake after someone has passed is extremely helpful in the grieving process. This company has a selection of earrings, pendants, necklaces, charms, bracelets and rings for women and even cuff links for men. Incorporating a variety of jewellery assures that everyone can have a piece of their departed, whether it holds ashes or scripted with personal message. These gifts are greatly appreciated and help pass through the mourning period.

Family members aren’t just limited to people, and this company knows that. They offer items specifically for pet remembrance. Some custom jewellery and ornaments are available for crafting. These gifts are a kind gesture to a friend or family member who just lost their close pet. Sometimes all people have is their furry companions and it’s important that there is something to remember them by just like when losing a human friend.

Finding the perfect gift for a sad situation can be hard, but this company makes it easier with their custom jewellery. It doesn’t have to be a struggle to choose between one thing or another. Remembering someone special puts a smile on a face and having a piece of them as close as possible can keep it there.

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