World’s Most Brilliant Innovators Convene at Upcoming 2018 EG Conference

Carmel, CA – EG is pleased to announce that the 12th annual EG Conference will take place from Thursday, May 3rd through Saturday, May 5th at the Sunset Center.

EG is a community of talented and industrious innovators from every conceivable industry. Some are well-known figures, others are on the rise to stardom, some are young and some are old, but all are recognized as truly remarkable individuals.

“EG is a talent pool like no other,” says director Michael Hawley. It’s the best creative conference in the world, and there’s no other gathering like it.”

The EG Conference isn’t just a place for sharing ideas, nor is it focused on any particular industry. As a kind of ‘collective genius,’ the conference provides an opportunity to learn from the world’s most inventive minds; an opportunity to think differently and be inspired by innovators who have made their ideas real.

EG comprises over 500 members of the creative community, and 50 presenters will be speaking on the stage this year, including:

  • Pete Souza, former Chief Official White House Photographer, who will be reviewing some of the extraordinary experiences of photographing Obama’s historic presidency.
  • Susan Shaw, Professor of Environmental Health Sciences in the School of Public Health at the State University of New York at Albany, and author and founder of the Marine Environmental Research Institute, whose work has shaped critical policy decisions on the management of toxic chemicals in the US and abroad
  • Stephen D. Smith, Professor and theologian, founder of the UK Holocaust Centre and Project Director of the Kigali Genocide Centre, Rwanda, is an author, educator and researcher interested in memory of the Holocaust, and the causes and consequences of human conflict.
  • Rae Wynn-Grant, with degrees from Emory, Yale and Columbia, is a wildlife ecologist and science media personality, also an expert on the behavior of large carnivores and their interdependence with humans.

Check-in for the EG Conference opens on Thursday May 3rd at 11 am, and the conference begins at 1 pm. A farewell lunch will be help on Saturday May 5th from 12 pm to 2 pm.

“Many people choose to arrive on Wednesday and leave Sunday so they can maximize time with EG friends new and old,” explains Communications and Strategy Director Jon Luini. “You’ll want to enjoy some time in beautiful Carmel-by-the-Sea, and be able to wiggle your toes in the sand or share a great meal on the town, but most importantly, you won’t want to miss a single session.”

For more information regarding the full schedule, click here.

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EG Production Staff:

Director: Michael Hawley, educator, computer scientist, musician and photographer serves as impresario of EG. Educated at Yale and MIT, he has held industrial positions with Bell Labs, IRCAM in Paris, Lucasfilm in San Rafael, and NeXT in Palo Alto.

Executive Producer: Jane Rosch

Creative Director: Christopher Newell

Producer: John Porter

Communications & Strategy Director: Jon Luini

Design & Technology Director: John Kudos

Associate Producers:

James Home

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